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August 1, 1989, 8:00 pm


How can I help others if I am influenced by their problems and their negative feelings?

I should keep myself as an audience rather than becoming an actor involved in the setting. To be a sensitive audience, to understand the play, but not a sentimental audience that can be affected by the story of the play. To be a sensitive audience, you can appreciate, and understand the feelings of the actors, the scenario, its philosophy, and its quality.

Nevertheless, if I am a sentimental audience, then I can become as sad as the casts, as depressed or angry as them.

Once I understand other people's feelings, I can help them solve their problems, or my own problems related to them. Nevertheless, if I am absorbed in their problems, then I add up to myself their grief, negativity, or anger.

To be sensitive is to be able to feel others' feelings, after you feel and sense them, you can understand these feelings, but you have to be able to neutralize them.

To enable and help people, you must at the same time, be like a river, flowing and soft, and like a rock, hard and still, its immovable and unchangeable stage.

You have to be united with the universe that changes, and moves in an unchangeable stage.

All stumbles are part of walking and standing. All suffering and happiness are for the training of the mind and the body.

You should know where to stand and what way to walk after all those stumbles; and you should know how to use your mind and body after all the training of your senses. You have to know which way good feelings shall lead you, and which way bad feelings could lead you.

The human mind is unpredictable. It can change with the speed of one light year. Whenever you notice its change, you can catch its change, and control it, channeling it the way you want, in the right direction, that fits with the actual time and space. All of these aim to protect your life and your mission in this world. Be alert and sensitive at any moment. Be still at any moment, so you do not get negative or positive feelings from others that can affect your senses. Sense it, absorb it, but after you know, you have to neutralize it right away. Feel, taste, smell, touch it for knowing, but not for following these senses.

Keep yourself always as the audience, but do not become involved in the play.

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