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June 5, 1984


With peace of mind, we find peace everywhere.

With an agitated mind, we find agitation everywhere.

With peace of mind even in unfavorable circumstances, we can learn about adversities; conversely, if our mind is agitated, we might come to blindness.

Keeping peace of mind in favorable circumstances, we can learn about good things. If  with favorable circumstances our mind is still agitated, we only come to the blindness.

Our mind should be at peace everywhere, do not be agitated either facing adversities or auspices. We should listen to adversities, even get into them to examine ourselves; since we cannot learn if we only stay in the auspices, do and hear favorable things.

We should learn how to live in adversities but not be antagonistic, to live in the auspices but not be agitated.

This is the true peace.


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