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July 20, 1991


Meditation practitioners live in the present moment and know the future.

To those who practice meditation, there is no suddenness nor unpredictability, because they have no illusion.

Unpredictability happens only when things happen differently than we expected.

Meditation practitioners do not live in the past. For them the past can be the present, at any time when their mind wants it to be so. In other words, they can live again in the feeling, the thinking, and the state of the past at any time, because when the mind is still, time and space are not separated.

When we stabilize our mind, we can live in any state in time and space.


For what reason do we need to integrate in the states and points of time in the past?

This is for us to recognize that we are not higher or lower, forward or backward, joyful or sad, happy or suffered, successful or failed.


Thus, we can keep our body and soul in bliss and complacency.

Thus, we can prevent haughtiness and arrogance, chimera and ambition.

Thus, we can constantly practice and improve ourselves for advancement.

Thus, we can integrate with all people around us and love everyone.

Thus, we can always awaken and reckon that we have the same nature as everyone else.


Illumination only happens when we are constantly awake and fully awakened.

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