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December 3, 1992


The Real Master is free from desires, including the desire to be the Master.

To be the Master, he should be the Master of himself first. It means that he knows himself physically, mentally, and spiritually. He should see himself as looking at the roadmap in front of his eyes with all the choices for his life, all the ways toward liberation or to hell, all success or failure.

He can make himself failed or successful, liberated or imprisoned. People thinking about him cannot change his way of life or his choices.


The Real Master is A FREE THINKER who does not belong to any country, religion, culture or society, but he can be in harmony with any circumstance. His thoughts can apply anywhere anytime.

His thoughts reach the WISDOM of all human beings who are the children of GOD, who carry God's light, whether they are the savages in the jungle, the gentlemen in a royal family, the presidents, or the homeless persons.


God created the world, human beings, and learned through them for more creation and invention to keep them from destruction.

Instead of learning for realization and awakening, human beings always follow their desires and forget about their real FATHER, forget about their origins, and their mission of bringing peace to their earthly planet that God created as their abode.

They were driven by love and hate, by ambition, selfishness, and eagerness to control each other. They forgot God's love given to them so that they would love each other.

In order to wake them up, there are Extra-Terrestrials with a special mission from God to come to the earth. Those E.T.s carry God's love and God's light. To understand and help them, they have to live their life in human bodies in different places and times.

Each E.T. has his own duty and mission and THEIR MASTER will come at a certain time so that they can work together for God's plan.


When will it be THE RIGHT TIME?


Who is the MASTER?

What kind of ability does their Master possess?


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