114- The formless sphere

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114- The formless sphere

Friday, April 19, 2002


To actually follow the path and serve the Great Way, I should constantly be in the state of awareness. I should live in three spheres at the same time: the duality sphere, the middle sphere, and the non-duality sphere. All three great worlds in the macro universe will be unified in One. I cannot be entangled in the dilemmas, but shall be composed and courageous to go forward. I cannot stamp but have to advance. To advance with self-confidence, sensitiveness, and sharpness, but also in the state of absorption. Absorption does not mean to be in a passive state, but in the active and sharp state, with all feelings and awareness about the movements of the body, mind, and thought. I know and follow them ACTIVELY, not passively. I act after the decision by the sharp wakefulness in each second, and my ego shall be lithely adapted to each role, environment, situation, place and time.

I shall live flexibly with the wind and the stream.

The wind blows strongly or softly, slowly or rapidly, based on the movements of the universe. Water of the river, the stream, or the ocean can change in smaller or larger shapes, or run faster or slower, but water is always WATER, as wind is always AIR.

I might be gone with the wind or the stream of life, sometimes disappeared, sometimes appeared, sometimes young, sometimes old, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, however, I am always I, and never change.


- I want to step into the Great Way, why am I still attached to the point of departure?

- How can I live the three spheres at the same time, and fulfill all roles, responsibilities, and duties simultaneously in the three spheres?

- This is a difficult question. To be able to achieve this, you should aim to live in emptiness, because if you still have the human character, your mind will be dispersed or divided. Once having reached emptiness, you shall not live in emptiness, but should go beyond emptiness to act naturally without falling into vanity.

Religious practitioners with high intellectual level, who could attain emptiness but live in emptiness, are like sleeping in victory, and will fall into the deep impasse without exit.

Spiritual practice is like a knife with two blades. If you follow the right way, you will be like a normal person like others. If you know, and know that you know, and assume that you know a lot, such Knowing will not only harm yourself, but harm others as well.

Those with higher spiritual practice, with greater knowledge, but without the sense of sacrifice, service, self-effacing, and true compassion, they will easily tumble in the sinful hollow, because they will use the knowledge to deceive and harm people for their own benefits.

For that reason, we should increasingly make SELF-INSPECTION. Self-inspection is to follow, check and be sincere with ourselves, not to suppress ourselves. If we suppress ourselves, we cannot know our true face. As long as the true face is yet revealed, we still cheat ourselves, and all assumed progress in the practice is only falseness, as this is the IMAGINED INTELLECT, not the ONE-POINTEDNESS MEDITATIVE INSIGHT.


To make a real progress, we have to discharge all the actual knowledge to step into the TRUE KNOWLEDGE. The true knowledge inhabits in the universe and constantly transforms. It is immeasurable and unfathomable by the standards of education and diplomas.

To receive this Knowledge, we can only use the conscious mind, the current of energy, the amalgamation, and integrate into the universe so that we can live in such energy. Thus, this Knowledge comes INSTANTANEOUSLY, as it does not pass through any intermediary at all.

To receive instantaneously the Knowledge of the Universe, we should be able to live simultaneously in the three spheres and in the FORMLESS SPHERE as well. We have to live in the INDIVISIBILITY.

As long as we cannot live in the FORMLESS SPHERE, we’re still not able to serve the Great Way.


Namo Amitãbha Buddha



Living in the FORMLESS SPHERE, what duties do we have, what attitude do we adopt, and what actions do we take to prevent us from falling into the three worlds?

We will no longer be in One but we will divide ourselves into different worlds, or different circles. We should be present in every circle. We should stay in the state of inactive but non-inactive, active but non-active. We should revolve and reincarnate in these INACTIVENESS and ACTIVENESS without interruption. We should live the same moment in all the Form and Formless Spheres. We should live in the universal concord love, but also go beyond this love, to reach the True Love. This is Enlightenment.

Only Enlightenment can help mankind to cross the stream of passions and attain the other side of deliverance.

Love is merely the first step to convert a person, however, love alone cannot bring deliverance to people. To bring deliverance to people, we need to find out the appropriate methodology to help them attain Enlightenment.


- The most difficult in all tasks of those with a mission is to help people attain Enlightenment? Is this task beyond their reach?

- To help people attain Enlightenment, we need to attain Enlightenment first, and then we will show others the path that they need to follow.


However, the path to enlightenment depends on the will power of those who tread it. It depends on the karmic causes of their previous existences as of their present life. The awakener might only be the guide, the roadmap, not the one who changes their karma and destiny, which can only be changed by themselves with their will power, spiritual practice, by serving humanity, and sacrifice themselves for humanity .


Thursday night to 1:20 am Friday morning

Immediately after this writing, a fax from Vietnam came in and informed the release of priest Le Minh Triet after 8 years in prison

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