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The 30th day of Tet 93

January 22, 1993


To live happily, do not differentiate between falseness and truth. To avoid disappointment, do live in the state of indivisibility.

Be aware in each second, understand, see, hear, and let it go away; do not let it attach and influence your mind, speech, and action.

Do not seek for truthfulness, wholeness, and sacrifice of others anymore, since IT DOES NOT EXIST. Thus realized, you shall no longer suffer. Do understand people with all of their human nature and character.

If you know that you are different from them, do not expect them to resemble you, as this is impossible. You would better meet different people, very human ones, to learn from them to understand and progress with them, and guide them. Although people might have all kinds of clothes, positions, classes, religions, THEY ARE HUMAN with all human roles. A distinctive difference would be the level of true knowledge. They all have missions, in various kinds and levels - the human level, the celestial level, the superior level and the supreme level, the elevated level and the ultimate level.

Those at the ultimate level shall be in harmony other levels without asking them to have the same level or rank. Of course, working with those at the same level and rank is very easy, but you will not learn anything else, because your existence is only useful when you  serve others, by helping and guiding those of lower ranks.

You need them to reflect on your own self to know about you, to know if you are going forward or backward, or just being stuck at some corner. Be grateful to the people you are with, as they are the mirrors that reflect on you. Sometimes you are very wrong, as you are too subjective and demanding, without getting what you like, want or expect. Such expectation or imagination makes us to act wrongly. You should look at the others' mistakes to correct yourself, and get rid of them for your improvement.

Many times, you thought that you taught others, but actually, others taught you, as you did not know their true levels.

The levels in spiritual practice are extremely subtle, you see them as high but they may be low, you see them as low but they may be high. They are very flexible and changeable, as they are the levels of non-being, and could not be determined by rank or position in the mundane world. Therefore, many religious leaders do not have enough ability and divine force to act appropriately in their roles, and lead the religions to the wrong direction, against the intentions of the High-above.

The roles of religious leaders are not chosen by human beings, but decided by divinities. Those who manage to grasp the role of religious leaders but only serve their personal or factional interests; certainly would not serve others. Serving others is actually serving the world peace which is the sacred aim.

Peace for others is love, altruism, harmony, so that everyone can reach bliss and deliverance. Deliverance from yoke and oppression amongst people by means of weapon, power, violence and cruelty.


Let go away instantaneously what has arisen that you can catch to understand, receive, and feel. Let yourself go beyond, by breathing, by the knowing, so that you shall be progressively self-controlled and stable to advance, stronger and braver in the real life.

Each thought, speech, action in the everyday life is for serving and implementing the Way. Do live an accomplished human role, so that you shall have the foundation for  progress.


Mission Viejo, California

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