92- To overcome external conditions

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92- To overcome external conditions

July 18, 1995


When fear is conquered, we shall be able to create difficulties and troubles, and overcome them easily, as well.

Troubles here are in both internal and external conditions. When we are still weak, external troubles affect internal troubles. When we become stronger, external troubles will no longer affect us, but we may rely on these troubles to study people, situations, and times, to adjust our directions and actions accordingly.

When we are able to create a troubled external condition, and do not fear or flinch, this means we have already overcome fear to take the next step.

This is the stage of annihilating ego, since ego means desire. When ego disappears, prajnã wisdom will emerge and exist. Ego and prajnã wisdom never exist at the same time. Only one exists, or the other.

When we have ego, or desire, our mind should work constantly, and calculate. When we calculate, arrange, ponder, and estimate, our working thoughts not only disturb us, but the people around us or the mass of people as well. The disturbance is caused by the current of electricity or energy emitted from the resisting minds that create revolting thoughts against us or against each other. Doubts, agreements, or disagreements are created to bother both our peace and others' peace.

When peace is gone, revolting thoughts will create the reverse effect that can diminish our self-confidence. Self-confidence diminishes, lucidity disappears, and we will not be able to respond to all the problems, as we are afraid to say the wrong things.

When we are peaceful, complacent, self-confident, our words have strength. Even the same words, if coming from a peace of mind, will not be overwhelmed by repulsive thoughts, as self-confidence can emit a pressure that weakens repulsive thoughts ahead of our strong thoughts from the inner force.


* How can we distinguish the source of thoughts, the source of energy as genuine or artificial?

The artificial source of energy is emitted by a human being with big ego and desire. The artifice can be detected in action, speech, and attitude, similarly to an actor in a drama. This can only overpower weak and submissive people or the partisans who want to gather their individual force.

The true source of energy comes naturally, but harmonizes with those who have emptiness of mind, without the same external conditions. They do not create influence, but they have influence. They do not elaborate or maneuver, but have a very strong influence, as they do not create revolt in the surrounding minds.

This is the main difference between those with religious mind who really want to help others, and those who abuse the religion into their political scheme, such as to exercise influence for position. The latter approach people without emptiness of mind and use their cleverness to arrange, push, and stir up all the resources for their own positions.

Those with a spiritual mind do not see other people as lower than themselves; but they often see the good side of others so that they can learn and advance their path.

When you see that you are advancing, you may be actually receding.

When you see that you are good, you may actually be bad.

When you see that others are incompetent, you may be incompetent yourself.

When you want others to follow your ideas, you actually make them leave you.

Only when Desire ceases, you may attain the PRAJNÃ WISDOM.
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