117- Enlightenment or delusion?

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117- Enlightenment or delusion?

Saturday – April 27, 2002


What needs to be done to attain enlightenment?

To attain enlightenment needs to KNOW.

To know needs to LEARN and PRACTICE.

Is there any other way? Why are there those who suddenly attain Enlightenment?

How can we apply this Enlightenment in life to serve humanity?

If we do not apply this Enlightenment in life, will it bring suffering to us and others because we may live unconventionally from the people around us?

Enlightenment should be incorporated with the Understanding of people and all things around us so that it can help us and others.

Enlightenment is only Seeing, but not yet Knowing. To know adequately, we should learn how to apply Seeing and Knowing in Life. Seeing but not learning, or having fear and refusing to learn, will make it impossible to help life, because of lack of practice.

We are standing here to look at the peak of the mountain is far from climbing that mountain, which requires much more learning, coping, forbearing, struggling with many dangers and perils, even sometimes even to sacrifice assets, lives, in material and spiritual terms to reach that peak. If we are standing here and talk about that mountain peak we can see, it seems like we only talk about an illusion, because we did not really get there, touch it, set foot on it to know its height, its rocks and caves, its grass and trees, its wild animals, etc. We do not really know how to get there. Once we have reached the top of the mountain, we are to look down to see what truly happens at the bottom of the mountain. In others words, we look back at the place where we were before.

Only with the challenges along the search for the Way, our Wisdom can develop and cope with life. It is impossible to live, breath, and face life, without the body, blood, skin and flesh, six internal organs and five viscera. This is a treasure to learn. Our body and soul are invaluable treasure for our never-ending learning process.

The body and soul should always be together. Only the complacent body can be with the complacent mind, and vice versa. The body and mind are like two selves of a person; one is at the bottom of the mountain, and the one is at the mountain peak. Both should work for mutual reflection in order to reach the light to sparkle Enlightenment.

Enlightenment is the constant awakening that surpasses many levels, similarly to the opening of many gates. To reach Enlightenment, Knowledge is implausibly unfathomable, and so many gates will be open forever. The Truth Way is immeasurable. Sometimes we see as if we have reached the apex, but this is only the point of departure, just like a tiny dust grain of the Truth. This is why Knowing is like Not-Knowing, because Knowing is boundless, we can learn forever and never get enough of it, since Knowing changes with the motion of the universe and evolution of mankind and nature. mankind evolutes, transmutes the whole atmosphere, and vice versa. This is an everlasting bond that can never be detached.


The more purified and awakened mankind in one particular place would affect the cosmic atmosphere of that place, and in turn cause positive changes in the political regime of a country. That’s why there are countries that rejoice peace and prosperity, whilst others suffer wars and disasters, their people live in extreme sufferings and agony.

To bring benefit to our life and others’, we should be AWAKENED. This means spiritually wake up and develop our body and soul. We should first overcome the six senses, six sense-objects, all joy, anger, love, and hatred, seven sentiments and six desires of the ordinary human being, to understand thoroughly what a HUMAN BEING is in all its essence.

We should understand ourselves first in order to understand people. We should be able to help ourselves first in order to help people. We cannot help people when we are unable to help ourselves. 

We cannot understand and help ourselves if we do not overcome the mundane human character. We should be able to see ourselves without concealment, and to reveal our true selves. As long as we continue to conceal our true self, the Mountain Peak of ENLIGHTENMENT is only a dream, and life salvation is merely a delusion, because we are still at the bottom of the deep gulf.

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