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April 17, 1991


A true practitioner of the Way, offering all soul and body to the Dharma (the Buddhist Law) will no longer be in the samsãra (the metempsychosis law) and karma (fruit of the deed). From now on, your tasks will be guided, initiated, and transmuted by the High-above; they will no longer be under by personal or familial influence .

The works have been started. The works are no longer mundane affairs, but religious tasks.

All people with a mission assigned by the High-above will be put to work together for a collective plan.

All false paths and the Righteous Way have their own missions, and are included in the collective movement of the whole world. All movements of the world contain yin and yang, right and wrong, auspice and adversity. In brief, from both auspice and adversity, arise all transformations and evolutions. Beyond the false path will the Righteous Way emerge, and has a chance to perform, and develop.

One must experience failure to know about success. One would make mistakes to learn from it and progress. There is the good in the bad and vice-versa. One should look at the Dharma to see the task bestowed from the High-above to those with a mission. From now on, providence moves in faster pace. Without misfortune, suffering, chaos, and challenge, spirituality would be delayed.

The Way's metamorphosis is never-ending. Be constantly calm, lucid, and wakeful to recognize each lesson in each second, each hour. Keep peace of mind all the time to distance from inquietude, anxiety, fear, and learn each lesson thoroughly for the evolution. Do not skip a single lesson, so that you would be able to follow the pace of the movement and avoid trouble in life.

As spirituality advances at a higher level, you will reach the equilibrium between you and others; you and the society; you and your close ones.

Peace of mind and equilibrium will give you wisdom in your words and actions, depending on the circumstances; thus, you will be in control of the circumstances, though auspice or adversity.


Those with a religious mission are blessed and watched by the High-above in every moment. The High-above always helps and protects them in every step, every possible danger. Be prepared to receive all tasks that will come to you within your ability to perform. Even a difficult task would become easy or bring great results beyond all human expectation. Be self-assured and move forward.

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