106- The Great Karma and the Great Way

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106- The Great Karma and the Great Way

July 2, 1998


A Buddha descends to the earth, has to learn all the lessons that the ordinary human beings need to learn, to endure suffering, bitterness, blame, injustice, loss, affliction, love sickness, desires, as well as happiness, wealth, fame, etc.

A difficult problem is a good calculation, with constant changes. It looks good but is actually bad, it looks bad but is actually good. It looks like failure but turns to success, and vice versa. The way seems wrong, but in fact, it is right.

Those who serve the religious Way should tread the path determined by the High-above. If they do the contrary, they will face sickness, weariness, suffering, as this path is without choice, measure of right or wrong, gain or loss.


Fear goes along with anxiety for the well-being of ourselves, because we worry to lose what that we have. Fear proves that we have not yet attained emptiness.

When we have attained emptiness, we do not torment ourselves “reasoning about the life” or “reasoning about the Way.” We should break up the ego; the good, beautiful, and haughty ego is considered as “non-existing.”


Each new lesson is a phase to test the ego that is full of greed and selfishness, to see if we actually step into the Great Way or still wander in the small path.

The small path is a lesson accomplished within the limits of human character. Now, we have to step into the Great Way to serve human beings and sentient beings. We will serve the great family of humanity, not only our small family and our personal religion; it should be now the UNIVERSAL RELIGION, the RELIGION of LOVE.


Before reaching the Great Way, we need to learn a great lesson and cleanse up the karmic effects of this life as the body karma, to convert the personal karma to take charge of the GREAT KARMA of HUMANITY. 

The KARMA of the HUMANITY is the Collective Karma, which is extremely overwhelming, and no one is able to assume it. All those with a mission should cooperate, without discrimination of sexes, religions, races, communities, classes, etc.

We should keep the indivisible mind to identify those with the same mission to build the UNIVERSAL CONCORD LOVE, with the THREEFOLD TAKE-REFUGE and FIVEFOLD SELF-DISCIPLINE, the union of SIX CONTINENTS, and to reach the unison of all minds and forces for the salvation of the earth, out of the GREAT KARMA that had been accumulated for so many previous existences and this life.

Humanity in so many previous existences has created innumerable bad karma, but not much good karma.

To create the good karma, we have to earnestly practice and spread the Dharma so that we can transmute the human minds from unwholesome to wholesome. The spreading should be fast and strong, so that mankind can cross the bridge of the year 2000.


The axis of the evolution cycle of humanity is turning rapidly; we should turn fast as well, to be able to overcome the cycle, and rebuild the equilibrium of the universe and peace on the earth, where mankind resides.

Outside of the earth, in the invisible spheres, heavenly divinities and supreme divinities gather to assist mankind. They have been coming to the earth under many different forms, to find each other again, to work together, to assist those with spiritual practice.


All focus to the tasks, without distraction, without ambition, without leisure, just work hard and right. All ambition and fear have to be subdued, because the necessity of faster work and coordination, without being distracted, without hesitation that can cause delay and waste time uselessly.


Anything that needs to be done should get done immediately, without worrying about personal damage and delaying the divine tasks.

If we ever take the wrong step because fear is present, we can fall out of the Law of Nature. Those who come from the Divine World should know the Divine Law, and do not step back into to the human character, and suppress ourselves within the Human Law.


The Divine Law is the Law of the Heaven, by which those with a mission should live, eat, sleep, and breathe with it to implement the Way.

Those with a mission who work on the Earth should live frequently in the Divine Way of the Heaven, but perform in the Middle Way of the Earth, so that they can help the world.

Therefore, they should live in both the Divine Way and the Middle Way. They should adopt the flexible harmony for self-protection.




Fear is only present in those who Do Not Know. Those who know who they are, what they do and will do SHOULD END FEAR.


Namo Buu Son Ky Huong Buddha

Namo Buu Son Ky Huong Dharma

Namo Buu Son Ky Huong Sangha

Namo Amitãbha Buddha

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