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July 3, 1989


The main goal of a religious person is to attain a higher knowledge, which is power.

To be able to reach the ultimate knowledge that is the Divine, you must purify yourself. In order to purify yourself, you must know yourself first. You are unable to know yourself until you develop all of your senses, knowing them well, and knowing how to use or control them with a strong will.


Sickness is a form of habit.

It happens when the mind or the body is weak and they affect each other.

The more you purify yourself, the more knowledge, or power you have, the less sick you will experience.


In order to gain and keep more knowledge or power, you have to:

- concentrate on the higher self,

- talk less or do not talk about negative things,

- talk less or do not talk at all about others.


When fear happens, go with it, learn about it, and overcome it.

The more you stay away, the more you have fear, and are attracted to it. Do not be scared, do not hide - go straightforward to it, experience it, feel it, and gain strength and power from it. Fear is always something that tells you that you have to learn and strengthen yourself. It also shows your weakness, and tells you what you need to learn and work on. Sickness tells you about something wrong in your mind and body, and what you should do to correct it; something that might come from your genes, your habits, your inheritances from parents or environments. 

You have to practice fearlessness.

You cannot have peace in your mind when fear still exists.

Fear only exists when your mind is weak and affected by others’ thinking or the environment. Then, your electrical current is shaking or cut off, your breath is shortened, your voice is weak. You lose concentration and you are cut off from the higher source of knowledge.

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