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 March 17, 1989


What shall I write when I do not feel like writing or want to write? Perhaps I will write about the emptiness?

Writing about the emptiness? I had never before written about the emptiness. Writing about the emptiness is seeing the irrationality, the foolishness of human beings who are chasing after illusion, delusion, and hallucination. They are sad with something worthless to be sad; they are happy with something worthless to be happy; in one word, they cannot be their own masters.

Emptiness is the light, the truth of the universe, which men may take as loneliness when they find it, then get scared and hastily go back to the human chaos. Facing emptiness is facing the truth; therefore, men tend to avoid it, and look for the falseness, using all kinds of masquerade and competition to embrace it, live with it, and suffer for it.


Why do we have to face emptiness, the true human nature, instead of living in mundane happiness and pleasure leading to the suffering? In fact, human beings cannot recognize truth from falseness. They take falseness for truth, and vice versa. They take happiness for suffering, and suffering for happiness. When they recognize the truth, the wonder, the eminence of emptiness, they can go beyond sufferings

Once we achieve equilibrium, under unfavorable or favorable conditions, we can live in balance, easiness, without unstable feelings of joy and grief, of happiness and suffering, of concord and discord.

We always have to listen to the truth, look at the truth to live, to breath, to harmonize, so that our mind will be tranquil.

What is suffering? What is happiness? They are only changes of the mind throughout periods that we forget about ourself. This is to remind us that we have to live completely with ourselves in each second of awareness.


When I live completely with myself, I know who I am in each moment; I am living now in the deliverance. Deliverance from the limitations of a human being and of my own ego. I will be very free, free from my body as my soul. I am free from the previous existences and this present life. I strongly hold on my path with no more fear.


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