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Mai, from now on, you should be a mature person, in physical body, mental spirit, and thoughts.  A mature physical body can develop fully all sense organs and their functions to know in depth the tastes of sweet, salty, sour or piquant; to understand joys, grieves and sufferings; to understand and live with other people; not to be submerged in material comfort and forget the real mission on this earth. Maturity of the spirit comes after so many life misfortunes, many lessons learned through various stages of emotional life. The heart, after overcoming many periods of passionate agitation, becomes resplendent with compassion. All selfishness in a human being has been exposed to you for your own learning and practice. Now, you must reject them all so that your heart will no longer contain such small-mindedness, and will open like an ocean of love. The love spreads out, without expecting anything in return, and the mind is very peaceful amid that ocean of love. All feelings and emotions are for your understanding, not for attachment or inclination. This is to love without love, to hate without hate. This is the level of GREAT LOVING-KINDNESS and GREAT COMPASSION. To live with others but is like living ALONE. TO LIVE HERE BUT IS ESSENTIALLY IN ANOTHER PLACE.


In the new phase, Mai should be mature in thoughts. Any replicated thought should not be yours. It is only the copy, the imitation. Such thought will come to a complete dead-end, because it is not yours. Your thoughts should be creative and harmonious with  nature, with the Divine, with the evolution of all sentient beings. The thoughts of a creative person should synchronize with the middle sphere of the macro cosmos.

The High above loves and accepts devotion and self-offering. Spiritual practitioners are the receptors of the main source from the middle sphere of the macro cosmos. Physical and spiritual pains that you have to endure are merely the challenges during the course practice. The Knowing has to be forged in the learning process as of all human beings, before it could be used effectively. The Knowing that comes spontaneously can hardly convince others, because human beings tend to listen to the ones who are similar to them; they prefer to believe in ordinary people, who live like them, breath like them, eat like them, give birth to children like them. In one word, it should be themselves. They should be the ones who live with them, and suffer because of greed for money or love like them. A right word from a true master who lives in seclusion in the deep grottos, on the high mountains, over the celestial clouds, cannot change them, cannot make them believe; since those sages who live apart from them are too superior and pure, not as tainted and as mundane like them.


Sentimental suffering are often caused by the wish to offer the knowing to others, will be released when you only offer and share the knowing to others, without the DESIRE of changing them. Firstly, as you know, the desire is suffering. Secondly, each person has his own choice of his life, as the air, as the nature. Everything is given to men and blessed by God. All men can benefit and absorb equally. The light of Truth emits fully to everybody; nevertheless, each person has to purify himself to get rid of his own darkness and delusion to receive that light. You can only be the one who receives then distributes that light of truth, not the one who pulls up the curtain of darkness for each individual so that they can receive that light.


The more your mind is tranquil and the less you talk, the more powerful and steady your energy will become, and your speech will carry much more inner force and magnetism to many others. Step up with self-confidence, because each work and each step is under the assistance of the High above and the Master. Everything has a clear direction as you have seen and known in advance. From now on, you have to be self-confident.


Today is the second time that I can see the circle of light surrounds me, and I appreciate the result of a week of oral silence. This is the miracle of constant wakefulness. Constant wakefulness comes when you get back to yourself frequently and live inside yourself continuously by restraining to talk. If you restrain from listening and thinking, your brain will be stronger and have higher waves that permanently synchronize with the middle sphere of the macro cosmos. Restraint from talking means talking only when is necessary. Restraint from thinking means not thinking about wicked or trivial thoughts; thus, you will gradually think about necessary things. Restraint from hearing does not mean you run away from others or plug your ears, but just filter the audible range to listen only to indispensable things. This is a difficult practice, but you can accomplish it. If you annihilate your ordinary ego, you will certainly be able to do it.


This new era will promote an unreligious religion . This will be the universal religion. This will be humanitarian love.


Namo The Great Tranquil Ocean of



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