93- The heart dharma (citta-dharma)

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93- The heart dharma (citta-dharma)

July 22, 1995


There is a method of meditation that people rarely pay attention to is to meditate in awareness, in every effect of instinct.

Meditation in awareness is the method of contemplation of the heart or the mind (the heart dharma) transcending all influences of forms and sounds.

The ears still hear the sounds, the eyes still see the changing sceneries, the situation may be favorable or unfavorable, agitated or calm; all are in one state.

Body and soul are complacent, living in the reality; this is the integration of falsehood and truthfulness, to reach emptiness.

When the illuminated mind is strong, the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind-base are at peace; hence, seeing is similar to non-seeing, hearing is similar to non-hearing, eating salty is similar to non-salty, eating good is similar to eating not good, being healthy is similar to being sick, no joy and no grief, no like and no dislike. When the illuminated mind takes charge, not the six senses, the six sense-objects; love can fully develop at this time.

When attaining this perfect vacuity, we are no longer vulnerable or defenseless. Nobody can influence us through our body, speech, and thoughts. This is the state of full deliverance. This is the intransience of mind. This is meditation. This is the heart dharma, the path of deliverance, beyond all means, non-using of language or method to train or suppress. Because our body, even trained or suppressed, will come back again to the old pattern when the cells change, whilst the cells are affected by food, weather, and living conditions.

The heart dharma is the direct and fastest way, because it does not have any scheme.

All methodology is temporary, because when you choose to apply a method, this means that you have an intention, whilst intention is the hardest to purify, the forever attachment is all along the path, always arising to hinder the mind, alertness, the awakening and clairvoyance.

When you have an intention or a scheme, you will have the delusion and imagination about the realization of the Way. This is a deception to spiritual practitioners. Anytime you see the realization of the Way, this is the most obscure moment.

The illuminated mind is like a lamp in the wind, which is flickering uninterruptedly. Having the wish is having fear of the non-attainment, or fear of the “attainment then loss.”


The spiritual Way is the way of DETACHMENT. Detachment does not mean recklessness. Detachment means release of desire; whilst recklessness shows the lack of direction of the mind, results into more missteps. Spiritual practitioners should never be reckless but always wakeful, wakeful in peace without desire of detachment. To know without retaining or suppressing knowledge, is the way to attain true KNOWLEDGE.
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