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October 21, 1989, 6:30 am


Your mind can be serene and complacent only when you admit your deeds and their consequences, to yourself, despite the fact that they are good or bad. Compliment or complaint, like or hate, joy or anger, all of them are of the same state. Good things are not to rejoice, bad things are not to disappoint. All worthy decisions should be accomplished without regret or fear of judgments and protests.

Your mind is calm but your body feels tired because it cannot go at the same pace with the divine spirit. The physical body, composed by five aggregates and six awareness, is under the influence of the worldly spirit. This is because the divine spirit is not strong enough. When your divine spirit is fully strong and steady, the clarity and the seeing are constantly present. When the seeing receives the light of high-level, no shadow can cover or diminish such brightness.

When your mind is tranquil, your mind is as steady as a mountain rock; the micro universe is tranquil, the macro universe is tranquil, although the five elements still agitate, but they will enter into order. Nevertheless, if your mind agitates, the five elements will strike you down.


The agitation of the surroundings may also help you brighten up your mind as a mirror. Do receive these phases as the blessings of the High above so that you might test your level to practice the Way. Without others, you cannot see yourself; without seeing yourself, you cannot learn. When you see your weakness well, you can make more progress, because you have to see to understand your weakness, then conquer it and transmute it into strength to reinforce your spiritual power.


After many years of sufferings- real or fake-, caused by the High above or happened in everyday life, all of that helps you to strengthen your steps on the path. You cannot understand human beings in your comfortable state. None of the Saviors of the World could generate the thoughts of salvation based on happiness and prosperity, but such thoughts originated from tears, illnesses, humility, death, etc., all kinds of sufferings. The supernatural strength generates only from the bottom of spiritual or physical sufferings. The absolute suffering usually ends with the emergence of tranquility or the awakening. Happiness, prosperity, and pleasures are only obscure clouds that cover our mundane existence..

The awakened ones should recognize the permanent and complete happiness, which are truth, goodness, and beauty.

Why is your mind still disturbed?

Once you are awakened with the perfect emptiness of light and mindfulness, your path is alongside with the mindfulness in every moment, and your breath is the living. Mindfulness and the living are immortality, which can eliminate all the spiritual and physical obstacles.

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