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Dec 7, 1992
The Master is only a good Master if he can learn in his teaching.

In the teaching process, the Master sometimes becomes the student.

Teaching is an integration between the Master and his student.

Learning and teaching at the same time, bring benefits and increase knowledge. When the learning process takes a different level, the teaching process does also. Knowledge vanishes when time changes and moves on, if the Master stays at the same level.

Teaching and learning from each other depends on the degree of integration of both the Master and his students' mind and body in the physical world and also beyond the causal plan of human life.

The Master and his students should have the courage to step into the unknown world. Sometimes they should be at awe. They have to confront the fear of the unknown and also of the known.

To step forward to the unknown is to learn to be super -sensitive which is sensitivity of the mind, the energy, the frequencies that flow in the Realm of Cosmos, the Universe.

To have the courage to step into the unknown is to start on another life, to live the life of intelligent beings. To live that life, these beings should be free from love and hate, war and peace. They look at each other as themselves, through their own eyes like a reflection. They are individual beings, but their mind is unified, in one with GOD.
Why do these intelligent beings exist?

They exist for the benenit of the earthly world. They are the seers who, with a MISSION of GOD, come to earth to remind people that GOD is inside of them.

When these beings come to earth they have to be in human bodies with all human senses, making the same mistakes and learning the same lessons. The difference is they carry God's love, light and knowledge and can sacrifice or serve mankind. Intelligent beings in human bodies cannot step backward when it is time of convocation. They all have to help each other to wake up, to step out of the darkness, out of the earthly world that they do not belong.
The Master and the students recognize each other and hold their hands for GOD'S MISSION.

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