89- Like it is

18 Tháng Mười Hai 200812:00 SA(Xem: 20142)
89- Like it is
December 21, 1994 Men actually face the force of life when they are suddenly awakened. The vibration in such a moment is not under the influence of six awareness, or joy, anger, love, and hatred. This is seeing of the existence of the force of life in human beings, things, and nature, with all manifestations that the mind accepts without objection or rejection. Men tend to regret every time they quit one consciousness level to advance to a higher level of consciousness, gradually diverging from the limitations of individual selfishness.. The farther they move away from individual selfishness, the greater becomes their love, and this great love will no longer be affected by strong feelings and emotions of the heart. Love in the quiescence is no border. Love without fear, attachment, and possession. Thus, has the heart already died? The heart should die for its true resurrection, with no more feeling and sensation of selfishness, possession, pleasure, and suffering. I had once experienced death of my mundane heart, then the rebirth of a new heart with regular beating, which seems cold, because of lack of passion. It no longer suffers and rejoices at personal and familial feelings. I am living in the immense feelings of true humanity love, concurrently with the lack of these ordinary feelings of human beings. This is an indescribable state. Is that true that men can only look, see, reach equality in this state? A state that we need to hold, so that we can truly be balanced and lucid. Like this, we can see and accept every human being or thing LIKE IT IS.
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