119- The one-pointedness of mind meditation

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119- The one-pointedness of mind meditation

April 30, 2002


How could I end “the fear of myself”?

The word “fear” only emerges when “I lose myself,” that means I do not live in the present time. If I know that I live, I am here, I know me in every ksana, and fear will disappear.

Fear only exists when I live in the “six awareness of hallucination,” which is false, delusive, imaginative, and unreal. Reality only exists when I live, breath, be completely present and integrated, and spiritually and corporeally balanced


When spirituality and corporeality are not integrated, fear, delusion, or imagination will take over the body. I will lose myself, isolated from reality, and I am no longer myself but only an uninhabited body, therefore, I become confused and fearful. At that moment, I am only an uninhibited body, consumed, controlled and manipulated by delusion. I feel sad, happy, fearful at that moment, and think that those feelings and thoughts are True, but they are only delusion of the moment that I live in a very strange world. It could be paradise or hell, based on my feelings or imagination produced by six Delusory consciousnesses.


To cope with fear, when it comes, I should not try to prevent it, but need to contemplate it thoroughly. I should ask myself why do I fear ? I’ll try to find the root of that feeling, and ask myself if something has actually happened?

If what I fear has happened in the past, and I know that it already happened, and I fear because I imagine that it would happen again in the future. If it did not happen, I can see clearly that it is not real. In both cases, what I fear does not happen at all in during the time that I fear.

After having contemplated and recognized that what I fear does not exist at the present moment, it will disappear.

The most effective way to end fear is always living in the present with a serene mind, without the subjective prejudice about ourselves and others. Whatever I assume that has created fear might not actually happen to those connected to me in that delusion. All love, hatred, opposition, and conflict that we fear to happen are actually unreal. I only fear because of my subjective prejudice or my past prejudice that has affected my delusion and thoughts, or just my simple deduction.


To end fear, I should be a new person and aware of my thoughts to always be clear and detach myself from the influence of the past and delusion.

This seems to be simple but is in fact very difficult; it requires a great effort in spiritual practice, combined with the One-Pointedness of Mind Meditation in every second of life.

The one who stays in the state of Absorption and One-Pointedness of Mind Meditation can see, hear, and listen with SEEMINGNESS.

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