128- How to recognize which way is the True Way?

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128- How to recognize which way is the True Way?

June 3, 2003


How do I know that I am treading the true Way?

How do I recognize which way is the true Way?

Is the Way to serve the religion?

Do people who wear religious clothes tread the right Way?


The word “Way” literally means a path, a road. Therefore, to serve the Way is to serve the path. However, which path is this? Is this path a personal path or a path for humanity?


Is this a common approach for humanity to advance to the permanent peace and bliss?


How can I see the orientation for this path and build it?


To clearly see anything, I need to have emptiness of the mind. First, I should forsake all personal prejudices and all assumptions about the people around me. Sometimes they may suppress me with their ideas and thoughts, and other times I use their prejudices and assumptions to suppress my own spirit and myself.


There is no other way to attain “emptiness” but to go beyond human thoughts to reach nothingness, and clear wisdom. As long as I continue to be suppressed by human thoughts, I would not be able to build an illuminated path for humanity. Only with wisdom and illumination I could see and know what I need to do to overcome the tragedies of the world. If mankind continues to do what they have done, the consequences of each event would accumulate to deep hatred and continuous wars; as event happens after event, hatred and revenge would perpetuate for ever.


Is there any solution for hatred, greed, and wars?


Am I so little! Would I be powerless like so many sages in the past?


What should I learn from the sages to prevent the accumulation of hatred without a solution for my country? My own religion?

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