94- THE LIVING WITNESS or Religious Founder by Himself

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94- THE LIVING WITNESS or Religious Founder by Himself

March 22, 1996


When we raise the voice from the sincere heart, fear will disappear. Fear and intimidation only exist when we talk and write things that we borrow, imitate, steal from others, such as scholars, intellectuals, Prophets, and religious founders.

A true religious founder does not know that he is the religious founder, does not want to be a religious founder. A true religious founder is only the religious founder for himself, because he does not depend on someone else, including himself. Things that he expresses, from words, ideas, reflections, should be independent reflections and ideas from his creation or invention, which are nurtured by the combination of three spheres of heaven, earth, and mankind. This means, it includes the origin, time, and space during the period that he was born and in the process of growing up. Those ideas should be forged to become mature and independent, even though they were born from the evolution of the universe and mankind during the time that he has been the living witness. This living witness should be influenced but non-influenced at the same time, by the surrounding links. He should be influenced for his learning, improving, impregnating, knowing, and understanding about mankind. He should be non-influenced for his ability to go beyond time and space, the atmospheres, and to integrate into the ideas of the superhuman beings – to lead the path for humanity in the next centuries. Therefore, many Saviors have only came to earth for a shorter or longer period depending on the necessity of providing a new direction for humanity, and they will come back in another time in different male or female bodies, to serve mankind.


When you know the origins, the roles, the necessities, do be brave to go forward without any delay or hesitation that might slow down the contribution to the movement and transformation of the national destiny, including the survival of the people.

The inner force cannot exist without practice and experience, through confrontation against difficulties and challenges, which the very first ones come from us - the key roles.

We should have the will power and strength to win ourselves, our pathetic wish for peace, and a disposition that caused so many failures to many people.


Go forward and strongly forward to response to the urgent necessity of contribution to the great work. Let love grow with determination, will power, dynamism, and endurance without receding before all obstacles, including the biggest obstacle, which is our weak ego. We should win ourselves first before winning others. Be determined and energetic to step into our community first, then our country, and our WORLD.


The teachings of The Prophet Huynh Phu So: “I accept to suffer in the people's place,” is always necessary and remindful whenever our mind hesitates in front of any obstacle.

Go on, go forward, and go steadily.

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