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September 2, 1991


What does it mean “In rhythm with  the universe?”

What does the universe consist of? Nature? Men?


In rhythm with the universe is when the universe changes, men change accordingly. When the universe is disturbed and imbalanced, men also are disturbed and imbalanced.

Therefore, the universe affects men, and vice versa. A great number of men can affect the universe, and the universe affects other small universes that are in the same rhythm with the great universe.


When the great universe affects small universes, what should these small universes or human beings do?


First, they need to listen; listen to the changes in their physical body and spirituality; listen to the changes, the transformations with patience, with tranquility, so that they can receive the energy source from the higher levels and know things that men still have not known.

They should get new facts and know what is going to happen, so that they would not fall out of the order, the direction. The changes of this world or the great universe will accelerate from now on, faster than in the predictions of mankind. All things are planned and organized by the divinities. Those assigned by the High-above to this world, are carrying on their divine mission and tasks.

From now on, those with a mission will no longer do things on their own will, but under divine orders in a pre-planned manner.

All ability or inability has their own reasons. Do not disobey divine orders; do not go against the divine will. Each person's ability has its own reasons and roles, depending on the necessities of individual circumstances. Since the roles are not decided by individuals, therefore, the ability is not decided by individuals as well. Although you have such ability but this role is not yours, that ability will be stripped off so that you may be more suitable to enter the divine previously planned direction. The more you go against it, the worse you would fail.

Be constantly illuminated, overcome individual self-importance and arrogance so that you can be “self-effaced” during the seclusion period, or “disappeared” in the well-exposed situations.

All vows can only be realized by those who are completely purified of the mundane world, however, they should know the mundane world and could live like all other ordinary people. This is a dilemma for all people with a mission to accomplish in the 21st century.


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