112- To live in the Middle Realm

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112- To live in the Middle Realm

April 15, 2002


How can we clearly distinguish the religious Way and secular Life? When do we tread with the religious Way, and when do we tread with the secular Life?

How can we realize that we are on the right path? How can we recognize that we are on the wrong path?

Why are there examples of people who are on the right Life track, but a wrong religious Way? And vice-versa?


- How can we be on a right religious Way that is also right in the secular Life?

- How can we coordinate and reach a balance between the religious Way and secular Life?


- We should clearly understand what the religious Way is and what the secular Life is.

To adapt to the secular Life, we should clearly understand the Law of Society determined by human beings based on the HUMAN WAY in order to reach the DIVINE WAY. The Divine Way is created by Heaven and Earth based on the Law of Nature evolves throughout the times. The Law of Society or the Human Way, determined by human beings, is subject to all changes and evolutions of the society, because of specific conditions, nature, history, etc., to establish order and peace for the society, since men can be ignorant and lack of religious practice to recognize the Divine Way and the Human Way.

The less knowledgeable human beings need the rules and laws to bind them and guide them. They do not make the difference between Animal Instinct and Nature.

Animal instinct is the human character; while Nature is the divine character. Animal Instinct controls people by passionate desires; while Nature restrains people with the conscious mind.

The mind links to the heart. When the mind is disturbed, the heart is affected. The conscious mind leads mankind to the Righteous Way; while passionate desires lead mankind to the wrong path.

Being on the religious Way is to explore and develop the True Mind, the Internal Mind. Being in the secular Life is the Thinking Mind. The True Mind and the Thinking Mind should coordinate based on each situation to have both the secular Life and the Righteous Way; as they are able to synchronize between the mind and the heart, as well as the religious Way and the Secular Way.


- Is the Mind Way and the Heart Way different from each other?

- One uses the Heart, whilst the other uses the Mind. One is sentimental, whilst the other is logical.

Until the day we have not returned to nature, we are still tormented by hesitation, anxiety, suffering, impasse, as sometimes we find our Mind is right, as well as our Heart.

Sometimes we live in Duality, other times we live in Non-duality. We are distressed by the dilemma in the midst of such disoriented stream of life.

We have to live with the Life so that we can serve the religious Way, but at the same time we also have to live deeply in the MIDDLE SPHERE with all of our rights, coordinated with the rights created by mankind to maintain the perpetuity of this earth.

Living in the Middle Sphere means living in the incorporeal sphere, beyond the mundane life, since we can simultaneously integrate with Heaven and harmonize with Mankind.

We come here to learn, to help the Life, then will go away; we do not come to the Life to be attached to it. We should come back to the world of enlightenment, the endless source of light in the infinite love. This light is resplendent with love. We spread this love to mankind that has been suffering with hatred and killings. We will get them come together into this light of love so that they can rejoice with us.


The book HON THIENG DAN TOC (The Sacred Spirit of the Nation) is the invitation open to every one to step into the gate embodied by the light of love of the Divine Nature. The book LOI THAY DAY (The Teachings of The Prophet) is the teachings and advices with compassion and generosity. This is a hand to lead us when we are falling so painfully in our human life. Then we will return TRO VE (Coming Home), to the pristine nature of humanity, the pure seed that is imperishable and everlasting. A ray of light has been dispersed everywhere to learn, serve, and build a human society.


I come here then I shall leave to go back to the source, with the mass of great translucent light which constantly awaits me to come home. I should come home to rejoice the bliss, happiness, and ultimate peace.
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