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May, 1984

Why is there no forest with only grass and trees, birds and animals, especially reserved for the ones who know the miracle of undesrtanding, coming there to communicate in silence of the wakefulness and listen together the supersonic sounds of the universe.

* There are moments of comprehension between men and men that make the newly acquainted ones feel like knowing each other for more than a whole life.

* When comprehension between men and men is reached, extreme emotions of suffering and happiness come altogether at once and make our heart feel so painfully; we want to cry so much but our tears do not fall, and a smile glows on our lips instead.

Could this be deliverance?

* When comprehension between men and men is achieved, we understand the wonder of silence.

* When comprehension is spread, it can bring peace to humanity.

Nevertheless, how can we bring such understanding between men and men?

* Only understanding can help people to realize the miracle of human love.

* Once human love is understood, nothing can separate men from men.

*  Understanding brings eternal happiness.

* If you do not use human nature to judge someone, you can recognize Buddha in front of him, even if that person may be in whatever form, state, or situation.

* Speech sometimes ruins the thought.

* Understanding sometimes may be a resuscitating pill.

* Extreme suffering sometimes may be a resuscitating pill to clear up omitted or blocked things.

* To live like a Man is carrying out filial piety toward one ' s parents (not to forfeit their gratitude of giving birth and raising up their children).

* Knowledge and intelligence cannot help men to understand men, only the heart can achieve this task.

* Being attracted by beauty means not knowing how to love truly.

* If you have Heart but no Brain to adapt to a situation, you will not only harm yourself but harm others as well.

* No one knows for sure that he/she is good or bad, does like something or does not like something. Only the situation can let us know the true character of a person.

* With Great compassion and loving-kindness, hatred is similar to love (without discrimination).

* Having knowledge, we can cope with the fiercest and cruelest minds of humankind.

* Only you yourself know your true and false facets.


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