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October 5, 1991


Why love or feelings sometimes exist, and don’t ? Sometimes they are strong and fierce, sometimes cold and distant?

Thus, are love and feelings true?

If they are true, why do they change? If they are true, why do they sometimes exist and don’t? When they exist, why do they exist; and when they don’t exist, why don’t they exist?

What is true and unchangeable?

Do these questions contradict all definitions about love, humanity, sincerity, or truth, goodness, and beauty?

Am I going against the stream? Or am I stepping in a world without sentiments of joy or grief, hate or anger. Is that the world of eternality?

I am walking, standing, laying down, sitting, fulfilling my everyday duty of a spouse, a parent, a child, etc. But why am I also standing outside of myself?

I care tenderly, I adore affectionately, I love passionately, but simultaneously I am in  serenity and complacency, out of these attachments of body and soul. I no longer belong to my spouse, my children, and my family.

So, where do I really belong to?

Am I living two lives?

I am at the same time the roles that I perform and the true self as well. The roles change based on feelings, love, but the true self is unchangeable.

Is that “true self” unperceptive and insensitive, or do illusions come from my own creation?

The true self is neither imperception  nor insensitivity, nor illusion, but the INSIGHT, the BRIGHT LUCIDITY that any human being can attain if knowing how to stabilize the mind. If the mind's stability is lesser, the INSIGHT will surface only momentarily. If the mind stability is constant, THE SELF IS THE INSIGHT.

THE INSIGHT is not influenced by feelings and sensations of the body and soul. Therefore, feelings and sensations are changeable in forms, but THE INSIGHT is ONENESS STATE.

THE INSIGHT OF ONENESS STATE constantly exists to illuminate all feelings and sentiments of humankind. The EXISTING INSIGHT reveals all suppressed and concealed secrets of the body and soul to help people understand their true self. From such understanding about the true self, about the origins of the life, we can lead our living way in harmony with people around us.

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