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August 5, 1989, 8:45 am



How can we let the seed go? To let go is the non-action-and-reaction way of life.

How can we let go without becoming repressed?

When we say let go, it means the seed is there - the feeling is already there - the thinking is already there.

Let it go does not mean to stop holding it, but let it go means to let it develop to the full cycle. Let the thinking, the feeling go in the whole process from the starting point, to the peak and then cool down.

Letting go is to let it develop by itself and to release in such a way that does not cause action, and, of course, reaction.

Any action causes karma, whether deed, words, act, etc.

The real end of karma is silence.

How can we become silent without being repressed?

Silence without repression cannot exist without inner strength. Inner strength cannot exist without self-understanding and a heart full of love. Love and the feeling of being loved give you strength to keep silent. The feeling of being loved, the capacity of love, and the confidence of self-understanding give you the strength to live in a fearless way. It also means you can run your own life, and nobody or no law of action and reaction run your life.

You become the law, and the law is you. To be the law or to become the law, you have to see keenly yourself and others, as the time and space. You have to be in good control. You should be the most sensitive person, the weakest, however, the strongest, and most powerful at the same time. You have to be at any level of the cycle of sentiment and sensitivity to be the Master of Life. You have to become the five elements to change, move, create, flow, be everywhere, and be at anytime.

To be silent is to go backward to find the inner strength. The more you keep yourself living in the silence, the more you build up your inner strength. The less you talk, the more powerful your voice is. The less you act, the more powerful your action is. The more you look backward to your own self, the more you see when you look out.

To be silent is to be with God.

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