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July 22, 1991


Learning the Way is learning to discover ourselves. Learning the Way is learning about what we have not known yet about ourselves; about the transformation in our body and soul under the circumstances that never happened before; about the situations that we do not want them to happen and to avoid them. Thus is the process of training our mindfulness to be sharper to all kinds of circumstances.

The situations that we like and want them to happen are the products of our intention, thought and imagination. We can see and know in advance the perceptions and sensations, the actions and reactions of others and of ourselves. Self-control in such situation is natural, as we have clear motives, aims, plans; we strongly grasp the right opportunities and conditions, and understand the psychological state of others and ourselves. As a result, there is not unexpected breakthrough, shock and excitement.

Self-discipline, Absorption and Wisdom should go through the process of challenges for more evolution. Learning is necessary for complete illumination. It is improper to have absorption and wisdom in one case, but disturbance and agitation in another case.

Always keep absorption and wisdom in any physical movement , as well as in spirituality external conditions. Thus this is called the COMPLETE ILLUMINATED SELF-CONTROL.

All movements of six consciousnesses are mere products of imagination, depending on time and space.

We can only learn about NOVELTY in the state of ABSORPTION at this present moment, beyond time and space. The development of spirituality only exists in the state of ABSORPTION of the ksana at the present time.

Longer is the extension of the present time; stronger and newer is the development of the spirituality; and superior is the spiritual liberation, accordingly.

Desire is to be eliminated. Desire for things to happen and not to happen. Desire is the choice of  preventing the advance in learning and implementing the Way.

 The “desire for things to happen” shows us how to learn in the auspicious way. We would only lie in dead bodies if we knew only the things that we had already known, and this knowing was only for the satisfaction of our body and soul.

If we really want to implement the Way, we have to accept the happening of “the things that we do not want to happen,” so that our mindfulness can learn difficulties and chaos. Learning about unexpected things about ourselves can help us develop our full and true self, in the unchangeable moments.

Let the mind open wide for all unpredictability with a welcome attitude and the body and soul in perpetual bliss, our life would be completely transformed.

We will no longer see that we are living in a confined world. We liberate ourselves of all attachments to human beings and fates, so that lives and the fates would be integrated with us as Oneness.



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