126- Six supernatural powers and the loving-kindness

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126- Six supernatural powers and the loving-kindness

April 22, 2003


To attain the six supernatural powers, do we need to prevail over the stage of purification of all six sense-objects?

The six senses let us know the outside world, but this knowledge is just for the purpose to help us to live our life, without being affected by six sense-objects, through habits and desires.

Thanks to the six consciousnesses, we can appreciate; but this appreciation should be just for knowing, not for being defiled. We have to stop at the KNOWING, and not let the six consciousnesses push or draw us to desire. Without the six consciousnesses, we would be inanimate. Therefore, the six consciousnesses are the means to help us to be awaken, only if we know how to use them right, and do not abuse them.


The six consciousnesses are essential to a person, especially to a religious practitioner to develop and make the most of six consciousnesses. To do that, we should increase the absolute capability of the six consciousnesses, and know them utterly, in order to keep them in the ascending direction, not let them drag us downward, or let ourselves be drawn towards the descending direction.


To ascend the six consciousnesses, we would first attain the six supernatural powers to extend the boundless capability of the human body, mind, and spirituality, to reach the utmost divine truth.


To descend the six consciousnesses, we would have them defiled with the six sense-objects, and our body and soul would infatuatedly be immersed in the mundane passions which drive human beings in the Saha world without exit.


Each person in this world has the complete freedom of his/her own self, as the complete right to learn through the six consciousnesses for his spiritual and corporeal evolution. Spiritual practice is to study and practice, not for self-isolation and self-suppression. Too much suppression would obstruct the five senses, and obscure the mind, since feelings and sensations are not clearly perceived. They could be based on imagination, or what is heard in one way or the other; however, imagination or what is heard are both inaccurate, because feelings, sensations, and perceptions vary from one person to. Imagination is more inaccurate, since it may cause disturbance to the mind.


Spiritual practice is the ability to identify oneself and the outside world at the same time, through the six consciousnesses. Between ourselves and all the people, between ourselves and all things, our sense organs should perceive correctly and genuinely, so that we may reach for the absolute insight, or attain the six supernatural powers.


We cannot attain the six supernatural powers without being in the state of Absorption. Absorption is the essential condition. The eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind-base must be withdrawn into the state of great absorption. At that moment, we are completely void of feeling; only breath and wisdom are open to receive all perceptions, and observe ourselves with what is inside and outside us - in a four-dimension space. Between everything and us, between our selves and us, at the same time, we have to stand in the positions of both ourselves and others. At that moment, we can know thoroughly about ourselves and others.


In other words, we can see ourselves more clearly; we can also clearly see what is between ourselves and others, and what comes from others. All feelings and sensations are clearly perceived, as two fighters in a fighting game.

The fighter should know himself, and the opponent. He should also know about the opponent's ability and intention toward him. Thus, he may be the master of the fighting ring.

In the fighting ring, in order to see the opponent, the fighter should know the opponent well and the floor. It is different for the religious practitioner, he does not use his six supernatural powers to see the opponent, and he just needs to “know.” He can decide whether to win or loose. If he decides that loosing may benefit the opponent, he would be ready to accept defeat to help the opponent.


Those who attain the six supernatural powers cannot lack of loving-kindness; on the contrary without loving-kindness, it is impossible to attain the six supernatural powers. To attain the six supernatural powers, he should be non-ego, since attaining the six supernatural powers is attaining the Great Ego. There will be no more self and others, but only in the state of integration that we may understand people and things around us.


Therefore, the six supernatural powers are not something that we need to attain. The six supernatural powers will be naturally present when we integrate ourselves into the Great Ego, into the world of the universal concord love.


The six supernatural powers are the integration into the three great worlds, into the universe, and to be blended into the universe, into the light mass - the great translucent light mass, which is sublimely brilliant and placid.
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