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August 9, 1989, 9:50 am


To let go is to be in good control with the collaboration of your mind and your body. Your mind and your body cannot work separately, but they should help each other at the same time. When the mind is weak, the body should be put in action. It should work in a way that can relieve tension and depression.

When the body is weak, the mind should put itself into action. It should find the way to activate, to stimulate the body, to use the strong will to direct the body, to place it in work, in exercise, in healthy activities, to keep up and become gradually stronger.

Do not let the weakness of the body affect the mind and vice versa, because you will go nowhere but into the abyss.

Weakness or sickness of the body or the mind always helps you to reveal something to your life. You have to look back at your family, your work, your environment. You have to observe them keenly to see what is good and bad for you.

To follow a spiritual life, you should be stronger and stronger. Whenever you become weak, there must be something that you dare to look at. The inner strength, the energy should aim to the right direction, otherwise it will vanish.


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