86- The supportive causes (1-18-94)

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86- The supportive causes (1-18-94)

January 18, 1994


How can we have enough illumination and insight to assist fellow practitioners and the mass to attain a blissful state?

How can we not attach ourselves in this task of assisting the people whom we guide on spiritual practice?

How can we untie their human selfishness, and assist them for more strength and will power to progress?


The road of spiritual practice includes all states of suffering, anger, selfishness, jealousy, or all aspects of joy, anger, love, and hatred in human beings.

People can hardly progress if they do not see themselves fully with the latent characteristics that are concealed by the rules of religion or society. These latent characteristics are like a disease that cannot be cured without being exposed into the light; studied, analyzed, then considered. Such release can help them make progress on both the religious Way and the ordinary Life.

The religious Way and the ordinary Life should be developed and progress simultaneously for religious practitioners as well as the mass of people to build equilibrium of the body and soul, so that would enable them to be helpful in their own lives and toward people around them.

To be able to assist fellow practitioners and the people, we should keep our mind serene and complacent. We should see their pains and sufferings, but do not feel sad with them, as such feeling can lead us into confusion and obscurity, without finding the way to comfort or guide them.

To assist them, we should have love, heart vibration; but do not let ourselves influenced by human feelings like them. Our love needs to be illuminated so that we can see clearly all things, and how to express and act in guiding the people.


To awaken is to see clearly the path. To awaken, we should have emptiness of the mind. With emptiness of the mind, we would not be influenced by external conditions, and have instead the ability to influence and guide people around us. To influence others, we should have self-confidence, strong will power, with the sharp and vivacious wisdom to recognize all the impasses in their mind, get the clues of their problems, and help them to be released.

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