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September 11, 1991


Many cannot realize the Way because they always want to prove to everyone that they are real religious practitioners. They want others to respect, obey, and be submissive to them. They hide their true character and nature. They suppress all their desires, both material and spiritual. They act like what is expected of true practitioners, but the archetypes that they want to become are not their true personalities.

They live in ignorance and cannot open the illuminated mind because they do not know their true nature. They live as human robots until the moment that their real persons suddenly come out and take over control of these forged robots. At that moment, their bewildering and uncontrolled acts and deeds will cause inconsiderable consequences.


When we try to suppress our real personality, it gradually becomes frustrated and aggressive, and would revolt strongly. If the real personality is too uncontrollable and revolting, that person will become fearful - the fear of being unmasked or his real personality revealed.

Fear is a knife with two blades, and the more he fears, the more he suppresses himself, it would lead to total and irrepressible out burst.

Therefore what we learn about high-ranking religious figures is not something new or astonishing: the higher position they get, the firmer they strive to grasp it, and the harder they suppress themselves. Consequently, too much suppression always ends with sensational explosion.


Actually, there is nothing wrong about the religion, or the people; but the implementation of the religion. These people take the learning of the religion wrongly, merely as reading bibles and religious books and practicing accordingly. They do not realize that learning the religious Way is learning about their own nature so that they can uncover and understand bibles and books of the Buddhas, the Divinities, the Prophets, and the Great Men that have been transmitted to human beings. These are explosive discoveries as the results of the religious process of learning, implementing and then realizing the Way.

Learning and memorizing the bequeathed teachings of ancient sages and great men does not mean we can understand them; since it is impossible to understand in depth these invaluable sacred words if we could not open our own nature, our own illuminated mind.


The second mistake comes from the fact that many religious men give themselves the ranks, since the WAY does not have any rank at all. Many people have been learning for several years but could not realize the Way, because memorizing religious bibles and books does not mean having high level of morality in religion.

The realizers “do not know that they realize” because true practitioners do not have any wish other than the true meaning of religious learning is constantly practicing to advance further.

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