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January 12, 1991


Sex is the urge of the body. The urge of the body comes from the sex drive, the craving, the yearning of the body cells that are not guided by the spirit to rise above but go down to sexual functions, which pester and urge to be satisfied. Sex desire or sex drive that comes from the urge of the body is never completely satisfied, as it is not guided to ascend to help initiating the wisdom, therefore it descends gradually. Too much urge and acts to satisfy sexual desire will lead human spirit and body into imbalance, sickness, disorder; a life without aim or direction, a closed and selfish heart; a narrow-mind full of greed, hate, delusion, and jealousy.

Universal energy is the vitality of the macro cosmos, the source of natural pure energy, or the immense love of the Divine. This true love surpasses all forms of beings; it is the integration into the source of light to unify us with the Divine.

When true love develops and exists inside us, the source of universal energy will come to us immediately so that we know the right act that helps us to receive that source of energy.

When we come back to the true self, the pure self, we are the latent force of the universe. We become distant and separated from this source of energy when we are only the alive corpses that are breathing, eating, excreting, etc. Immediately at the moment of awakening, we shall discover inside us this source of universal energy, and at once we shall connect with the center of this source of energy.

The source of universal energy outside and inside us connect and smolder our body and mind to revive all sense organs, all functions, burn down all earthly impurities inside us, obstructive elements in every blood vessel and muscle fiber to provide LIFE in our body. This is a WHOLE LIFE of a human being different from other human beings. This human being is not a human being. This human being lives but does not live; non-liberated but already liberated; stands on this earth surface but outside the earth; stays inside religion, law, prejudice, tradition, nation but also outside of religion, law, prejudice, tradition, nation. A life beyond the life of a human being.


Why do I have to live a life beyond the life of a human being? For what benefits?

I live a life beyond a human being's life to protect human beings, because I can see things that human beings cannot see. Therefore, I have to do anything that human beings cannot or dare not do. To do so, I need to have a heart without fear, a mind with absolute love for human beings, a boundless illuminated spirit, and a quiescence to reach such illumination, so that I can see what is worthy or unworthy to do, what I should do and should not do. Illumination and quiescence in making decision about what to do will help me to be independent in my decisions without mistake, without failure, but only come to success. Independence will help me to master all unfavorable or favorable circumstances, as I am active and stand outside of all disturbances caused by human beings and the earth.


Am I a superhuman being? What is a superhuman being? How can we become superhuman beings?

A superhuman being is also a human being, but surpasses other human beings. Human beings stand on the earth surface and are subject to all influences related to the earth. Superhuman beings are also human beings but are not influenced by what is related to the earth.

Superhuman beings are no longer influenced by the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth; no longer maneuvered by yin and yang, because they are in the state of non-yin non-yang, as they are integrated to the source of vital energy of the universe, unified with God.

They will no longer work for human beings, but for the Divine Plan to save human beings from the catastrophe of extinction. All of their learning and doing belongs to the evolutional needs of each individual to develop skills, talent, and wisdom for the purpose of CREATIVITY.

CREATIVITY does not belong to the ability of humankind, but only to superhuman beings or supra-mundane beings.

Only CREATIVITY of superhuman beings can give humankind the light, the new road to re-build humankind, as they are currently walking on the way towards self-destruction. The superhuman beings will again create a new world, a world of universal love and concord, or the Superior Era of Divine Ethics.


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