127- To overcome fear for a peaceful and happy life

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127- To overcome fear for a peaceful and happy life

May 19, 2003


To be in peace and complacency, we have to keep our mind as empty as the mind of an infant. The innocent infant does neither think about the past, nor the future. The infant lives completely in the present time, with a peaceful and fearless soul.


Although our mind is as empty as an infant's mind, but all of our functions should be lively and sharp. Our body, words, and thoughts should not be in sleep, but in a lively state. They are open to receive all contacts with the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind-base, impartially, without subjective bias or prejudice.

We are impartial and empty in knowledge, illumination, and enlightenment. We are self-determined and know what to do and not to do.

Every word, act, and gesture should come from lucidity. We do not talk, move, and act as a machine, but every motion is under the direction and control of the ILLUMINATED EGO.

When we live in the KNOWING, we are in control of the internal and external conditions, the people and things around us, we tear off clouds of fear. We no longer live in the unexpectedness, but everything that happens to us, the people and things around us is in our SEEING. We know for sure what has happened without doubt, or hesitancy.


We reject hesitancy, the ghost that frequently threatens, pursues so many religious practitioners, and obstructs their evolution. Hesitancy exists only in people lacking self-determination; they are afraid of saying and doing something wrong before they actually say or do. Because of that, they will not say what that they want to say, although they know that it is right. They would say something else than what they have in their mind, and say what others think, to make sure that they would please others and be it and be accepted. After that, they would be confused to realize that what they say or do because of others is not what they see and think.


Therefore, they would live with confusion between what is right or wrong, or being accepted or rejected by others.


When they say what others think in order to be accepted, they will forfeit the path that they have chosen and seen, to follow others’ path. Furthermore, when they are rejected or criticized, they would lose more of their self-confidence and become more confused about the path that they have chosen and seen.


Once we see that the path we have chosen is right, we should have the courage, patience, and will power to overcome all obstacles and temptations to continue the journey.


The journey of spiritual practice is an endless road with the inestimable metamorphosis. To tread this path, we have to strive with extreme patience and courage to overcome difficulties.


To overcome difficulties, we should first overcome fear within ourselves. The best way to overcome fear is a tranquil mind. A tranquil mind conceives wisdom, and wisdom is the light, whilst fear is darkness. The wiser and illuminated we are, the more tranquil our mind is.


When illumination comes, self-confidence strengthens, the ghost of fear cannot arise, and we would be more able of self-control.

When we are peaceful and self-controlled, we will live fully. At that moment, nothing can impede the happiness and bliss that overwhelm our mind.

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