123- The non-duality state of emptiness

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123- The non-duality state of emptiness

February 27, 2003


How could we know what is helping the religious Way? What is affecting the religious Way? What is good or adverse to the religious Way?

What are religious principles? Why the religious principles should be disregarded to recognize the TRUTH?


The Truth is emptiness. The Truth does not differentiate between auspice and adversity. The Truth can apply in whatever situation, circumstance, place, and person. When the Truth is attained, emptiness would not face any obstacle from any religion or culture. The Truth can apply everywhere. Those who reach the Truth will no longer be at the crossroad, and for them; there is only one road, which is the INDIVISIBLE WAY.


People who are in duality still suffer, and cause suffering to others. Those who do not evaluate themselves for praise or blame, is a result of being either superior or inferior. Being superior or inferior only leads to the self-destruction of life, as well as creativity, and our own source of light, therefore we cut off the synchronization between us and the divine world, the immeasurable source of energy.


The relationship between mankind and the universe would harmonize closely when we could recognize the unchangeable Truth, which is beyond the shadow of any doubt. In that state, we go beyond time and space, enter into the eternal source of blessing - a never-ending sweetness, lightness and happiness, without any reason.

Those who only feel happy for some reasons, still depend on the six senses, six sense-objects.

Those who reach emptiness would live in a body and soul as light and independent from all human conditions, to enter a wonderful supernatural state. We would live in a quiet solitude but do not feel lonely. Our happiness is so light that it feels as if there is no happiness. We would not rely on anyone or anything to live. We only breathe and perceive our existence completely, and no one could touch it.


Living in the state of emptiness, we would enjoy being alone, but without feeling lonely. Everything around us exists and brightens. We walk, stand, lie down, and be in these familiar places of our everyday life, but it seems as if we live in a different world.

We would neither be sad nor joyful. Time seems as if it is stagnant. Everything around us seems to be rejoicing and much closer. We realize that we work tirelessly without knowing that the time has gone by,

We act as if not-acting. We do as if not-doing.

A state of peace and happiness that is indescribable.

This is the state of emptiness, in which we can taste the Indivisible Truth, the moment of Non-duality. We get back to our Source.

There is no self and others, as Everyone is One – in Oneness.
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