121- Nirvana on this earth

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121- Nirvana on this earth

June 26, 2002 - 4:00 am


Those with a mission who want to protect themselves to accomplish it do not have any other way than to reach the six supernatural powers.

To reach the six supernatural powers, they have to fulfill the following requirements:


First, they should have a very strong will power and self-confidence to believe that we are on the right way and decide to go to the end of the way.


Second, they should be determined and have the strength to keep our mind completely in the level of non-duality, in the midst of life with all the conflicts of the mundane world where people live in duality and prejudice.


Third, they should constantly stay in the state of Absorption without changing. Only in constant Absorption, they may find clarity to look, see, hear, and know precisely.


In the state of Absorption, we will not let ourselves drawn by others throught their perceptions; we will not let their thoughts, comments, judgments, and prejudice affect us.

Without being in the state of Absorption and peace of mind, we will be drawn by others back to duality, or the starting point.


We should keep ourselves in the state of non-duality with ability and dexterity, so that we can live with people in duality, with our mind, spirituality, and intelligence.


We should transcend as if we do not. We should be ordinary but non-ordinary. We live, breathe, act in life, with people, but completely different from people in the spiritual way, and integrated with heaven and earth's principles.


Heaven and earth's principles are the pristine principles of nature, originated from the creation of the universe by the source of two creative forces of yin and yang in the atmosphere of the universal energy, or the Homogeneity of All Beings.


While living in the state of Absorption, we are able to know others' mind, and whatever is happening around without leaning on the six awareness. We still have the six senses, six sense-objects, our corporeality still recognizes the six senses, six sense-objects, but our mind is not affected by six senses, six sense-objects. We only recognize them to understand ourselves and others, and then let them go by. Without the six senses, six sense-objects, we would be cut off with the six supernatural powers, because we need the human apparatus as a foundation for our practice to attain the six supernatural powers.


From this point, we shall live more in depth and silently. Our practice should not be formal, but in the state of awakened spirituality.

In the state of Absorption, we will always live in the present time, and push back Fear. When our mind does not step in the past time or step forward in a second of the future, all delusion, imagination will end.

At that moment, we know the meaning of what is called the Complete Freedom. It is Nirvana on this earth.
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