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 October 17, 1990


Is it possible to live simultaneously in the limits of a real life and the freedom spiritual life, so that we could develop our wisdom?

It is possible to understand and accept the judgments of others, and to live in those judgments, but simultaneously live beyond them in order to be undisturbed our own life life?

Does the annihilation of our ego have limits, and at what limit do we have to stop to maintain a balance?

Is this right to let suffering develop fully, then contemplate it, accept its existence in life, and use it as the opportunity for your soul and body to train, learn, experience, and finally overcome it?

Is this true that encounters with sufferings in life, just like the darkness, can help us see more clearly the rising of the sun (the light source) in every splendid and pristine instant?

Is this true that the pain and writhe with death can show us the preciousness of breathing and living in every moment that we usually forget about?

Is this true that only living in deep loneliness we could understand truly about ourselves; and we are the ones who really care, relieve ourselves, and share all of our personal love and sorrow?

Is this true that the suffering exists only in the moments that we forget our true self, as we are disturbed by other people or external conditions?

Is this true that we will cease to suffer when we know that we are the only actors in our  life; where we actually play all the roles in all scenarios created by ourselves?

Is this true that we will escape sufferings when we realize that we are the spectators of all scenarios of life, and the actors of our own play?


We might stop suffering if we are not confused by with the moments when we are the SPECTATOR of a HUMAN LIFE, and when we are the ACTOR of OUR OWN LIFE.
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