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December 10, 1992


A spiritual Master has freewill and unprepared lessons for his students, when a teacher of lower world has plans for his teachings.


There is no class for the students who follow a spiritual life. They do not belong to either time or space in their learning process.

Their studying time can be shortened according to the ability to open their mind to the recognition of their blindness and to receive knowledge from the supreme-beings.

Their Master did not give to them knowledge, only God does. Their Master only has the mission to open their mind, to initiate, to wake them up from the physical world that they, in a sleeping state, think they really belong to it and suffer with it.

The students need strength to learn, so does the Master who teaches without attachment. The Master is responsible for what he teaches towards liberation. His giving to the students depends on how much they will be able to handle, to assimilate and develop, to adapt and practice in their daily life.

The students also have their choice to go on in their studies or to stop them, from stepping in to the insecure spiritual or infinite world. They get used to their finite world that they feel as well controlled and secure.

To step into infinite world, the students need courage to face fear.

They can be at AWE anytime when facing God. They always want to reach God, Love and Light, but they are also scared to step out of their homeland, their world, which they want to leave whenever sufferings emerge.

They pull themselves back and forth between suffering and happiness, between God and what they possess, between attachment and detachment, between heaven and hell, between liberation and inner-prison.


To reach God, liberation of their mind and body, they need a definite decision, the only choice that they have to make and follow no matter what!

To reach God, the students should not attach to their Master who only has the duty to bring light from God. They have to learn from a different Master and draw their own roadmap. Each student has his own way of learning and practicing for their own benefits, improvement and advancement. Each of them has his own course to work with.


In order to be free in his teaching, the Master has to teach with detachment that benefits for both sides, the students and himself. He should treat them equally and only come to them in accordance with their need to develop their mind in the higher world.

The Master and his students are growing at the same time during their teaching-learning process, their integration toward liberation of their mind in the lower world.

Detachment of the Master also helps the students from belonging emotionally to him. Attachment is a hindrance for both sides to sublimate the lower world, to step up to the space of spiritual enfoldment where they become ONE with GOD.
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