118- I am the subtlety in each ksana

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118- I am the subtlety in each ksana

April 28, 2002 - 6:30 am


As I realize that my spiritual and corporeal sacrifice would develop spirituality, wisdom, and the means for helping others to open their heart and initiate their intelligence, I should firmly continue my path. If what I learn and do is to serve the religious Way, the nation, and world peace, I should fearlessly go forward, or fall back in the mundane calculation about what is good or bad, gain or loss, safe or unsafe.

I should always remind myself, for whom that I am learning and doing? Am I doing this for my self-centeredness or the need to study of study and accomplish a common goal?

Once the challenging lessons are over, new lessons are about to come. The more I try to avoid challenging lessons, the more difficult they become. Challenges and dangers are in our mind, and become worse because of our mundane cleverness that creates delusion and imagination; then in turn increase the degree of difficulty for new lessons. As mundane cleverness is powerful, difficulties increase accordingly.


I should learn to live with my life, and at the same time use my mundane cleverness to know how to be in harmony with life and the people around me; but I also try to go beyond this world to learn how to integrate with the non-duality so that I may be able to open my mind and develop my wisdom. 

In each second, my cells are receiving innumerous data to transmit to the brain to enrich wisdom, as knowledge is to develop wisdom. The more I try to eliminate my subjective and degraded prejudices, the more I learn through the data of my body cells. The cells in motion transmit the data to the brain, the brain transmits them to the heart, and when the heart recognizes them, it will activate and develop them, then transmit back to the brain, and the brain transmits back to the cells, so that they can learn the new lessons through contact, action, exchange with the outside world, where people are living and breathing.


If prejudice and mundane cleverness still remain, they will affect the data that the cells transmit to the brain. The brain will not receive the data to transmit to the heart, therefore, the heart is often closed, and love is constricted; therefore, one would not act after the heart, as it is blocked by mundane cleverness, by a brain full of subjectivity, prejudice and calculation. Thus, one did not act after the heart, but after the brain. Data that the cells transmit to the brain do not get the response suitable to its recognition; instead, it must obey and act against its cognition and requisite.


The most difficult lesson in spiritual practice is learning about our own cells. Each cell stores all the data of the universe from all the previous existences and it will transmit forever to the next existences, never destroys the received data, and such process is never-ending. If we do not open each cell, we will never be able to advance and acquire knowledge of the universe. Knowledge or intellect, a higher or lower level of spiritual practice, a better or worse human being, all come from the movement of each cell.


A good-natured person who suddenly becomes aggressive and wicked could be the result of the sudden movement that no one can predict from the outside. Even that person cannot anticipate such transformation. At that moment, corporeality is the master of the brain, and the brain is completely disconnected from the heart.

We should listen and monitor all exchanges, transformations, and reactions of our body and soul through sharpness and sensitiveness of the current of spiritual energy. We should know thoroughly each sensation, or feeling of the cell. Knowing and recognizing come from subtlety, and it needs countless subtleties to produce a corporeal cell. Our heart and our brain should directly connect with those subtleties through the extremely powerful current of energy that allows us to perceive instantaneously our entire body very thoroughly in each ksana. We cannot neglect them in any second, and Knowing should come INSTANTANEOUSLY.

Only this Instantaneous Knowing is able to keep our body and soul complacently. Body and soul can only be complacent in a person who Knows thoroughly about himself and his own body with six internal organs and five viscera and six senses, six sense-objects.


Each human being is a mysterious treasure that only with spiritual practice we may be able to gradually unveil it. Until their death, many of us are unable to find the key to open his treasure.


The more we learn, the higher our practice level is, the greater our love will be, while corporeality contains masses of data and knowledge of a human being. We will realize that we are so lucky to get back to human existence to study, and search for the immensity and marvel of the universe, inside and outside of the human body.

While we are making progress in spiritual practice, we become more sensitive and sharp, more intimate with the cells, subtleties, our heart will open wider, and happiness will be splendid in each ksana, because the heart and wisdom are blended together in every ksana, or, in every subtlety. At that moment, we will be able to integrate and join the macro universe, or the UNIVERSAL CONCORD - the HOMOGENEITY OF ALL BEINGS.


Namo Our Master Buddha Shakyamuni
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