122- I come and I go in emptiness

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122- I come and I go in emptiness

February 25, 2003


From now on, I should create my own path, different from other religious learners or religions.

I should be a Spiritual Liberator, a Religious Founder. All my writings should not be a repetition of what has been written, but a creation the one who would open the way, clear the impasse for Religious Studies and Spirituality, which has caused the separation of self and others, loss of happiness and peace, instead of spiritual liberation.


Those religious followers who initiate the conditions for a dying person to convert his/her religion only cause more karmic effects, since it provokes conflicts and sufferings in the family and relatives. The deceased person who inflicts pain and sufferings to his/her family would hardly be delivered, as his/her soul may not feel light, peaceful, and liberated.

Religious mistakes in this present-day world are exceedingly accumulated, and ever more in the increase; therefore, instead of living in happiness and peace, human beings suffer because of fear and worry of war and power struggle.


In order to bring peace and happiness to mankind, dogmatic rules that suppress people should be relieved. Those who obey them may live in obscurity. Those who do not follow them might live in sinful thoughts, as they offend religious self-discipline, and rules; thus, how could they live in peace and deliverance.


To be delivered, people need to find themselves again, to know who they really are, what they really want, what are they doing and will do. Besides, they should know what they should do and should not do. What can create bad karmic effects, and what can help to purge karma for the peace of mind?


People should live with the spirit of self-correcting. To be able to correct the mistakes is better than to live in sinful thoughts once mistakes are made. They should know how to decide for their own life, and understand that divinities always love and forgive, not condemn and punish. They should know that divinities have great compassion and loving-kindness, so that they can live in such miraculous love. All men have the right to rejoice in such sweetness and freshness; not under the watching eyes of a “religious judge.”

When they know about their rights, they may live in complete freedom. With complete freedom, their spirituality will be actually liberated. If not, they shall always live in darkness, as immature sheep that only repeat the habits and rites transferred from existence to existence, but never know about deliverance.


What does deliverance mean?

Deliverance is to escape or to go beyond. To escape the great prison that human beings create for themselves, from the incorporeal, religions, and so many previous existences and this present life, in addition to the religious teachings, books, education, the people and their surrounding environment.


They need to learn for evolution and creativity, instead of repeating what was predisposed, and sometimes repetition is frequently “worse” than in the past. Those who know only to repeat are likely “robots,” and sometimes just “broken robots.”


In other words, deliverance in this case means “spiritual deliverance.” To deliver spiritually, we should first deliver our degraded thoughts, personal prejudices, or religious, cultural and educational prejudices. What we learn will help us to get knowledge; yet, true knowledge does neither limit and obstruct, nor affect completely our views, prejudices, and assumptions.


We can only be happy when our views about what surrounds us is not bound by the assessment of high or low, right or wrong, respected or despised. To be able to do so, we should free ourselves from prejudice, inculpation, or arrogance.


All surrounding factors will change when we change the view about ourselves. When we are gentler to ourselves, we will be gentler to others. Once we do not have bias and judge ourselves; we would love the people around more. The difference between self and others no longer exists. Love and happiness suddenly burst out in abundance and we would live in that abundant love. It is indeed the kind of love and happiness which reside inside us, but we did not realize and rejoice. This kind of happiness is like a light that has always existed since past lives and existences; only we did not know how to “light it”, to brighten our inner self.


People would be so happy and relieved when they can escape the dark homes built by themselves since their birth. We all should cry at the moment of birth, but we should learn to smile in our life, because we know ourselves, and we would go peacefully, without any burden of this world, to return to the mass of the eternal great translucent light.

I come and go in Emptiness.
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