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Feb 23, 1993


The Master is responsible for his teachings; however, the students, as human beings, living organisms, have a FREEWILL for their life.


To be responsible is to be sincere in the teachings but not to control his students' mind, which the Master can only know partially, relatively to his own experiences and knowledge.


Different from an animal that acts in an involuntary way, man acts according to his freewill, which is motivated by his intelligible or sensible objective.


The Master has to use different ways to teach according to each student’s character, situation, level of knowledge, religion, etc.


The student also takes the Master's teachings according to his desires, whether they are intelligible, sensible or acquisitive.


The student has an urge of learning from understanding how to grow intellectually, but he has a freewill for judging and reasoning to decide and choose his life, his belief.


Teaching is an act of love and compassion from the Master's freewill of giving to the students, to the world.


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