113- To serve the Great Way

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113- To serve the Great Way

April 16, 2002


- How can we undoubtedly know that we are living in The MIDDLE WAY to serve The GREAT WAY?

- How can we undoubtedly know that we are not living in the illusions of life?

- How can we differentiate TRUTH from FALLACY, which incites others to act, and is different from who we actually are?


- This world is real and unreal. If living in the Middle Way, we shall live in the eternal world, which does not belong to this real and unreal world, but the unchangeable emptiness.

When we still reason, we would fall between non-duality and duality. We still do not have enough inner force and spiritual power to constantly stay in the level of emptiness. Emptiness is a difficult level to reach.

Once we constantly stay in the level of emptiness, we no longer have the human character and use the six senses, six sense-objects, but will make use of the six supernatural powers. The six supernatural powers that are tested among others and are the true ones. The six supernatural powers that are tested in isolated places are the false ones.


- What are the six true supernatural powers? And what are the six false supernatural powers?

- The six false supernatural powers are still affected by the six senses, six sense-objects, whilst the six true supernatural powers do not make use of the six sense-objects, and therefore are no longer affected by the six senses.

Those who possess the six supernatural powers perceive, see, and know not through the five senses, but directly through the mind and emptiness. The eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, mind-base, and the six consciousnesses work directly with the Mind. The Mind in this case also means the heart, not the physical heart, but the Heart of the bodiless, or Emptiness.


- What is the Mind or the Heart of the bodiless or Emptiness?

- This Mind is the mind of awareness, the awakening, no longer restrained by consciousness or sub-consciousness within the five aggregates and five senses.


To enter the Great Way, we should accept to overcome all the challenges of life. We should always learn the new lessons, or relearn the old ones that we’ve repeatedly have not mastered. We are still caught between emptiness and the human character. Emptiness is no longer limited within the laws and rules of life, whilst the human nature still clings to selfishness, being attached to what we have and own; this means we are still holding on to the BEING, and refuse to embrace the NON-BEING.

Living in the awakening is living in the state of perpetual INDIVISIBILITY. This is the state of Omniscience. Having attained this level, we will live in the ultimate bliss, without falling back and forth between the non-duality and the duality. We shall no longer feel forsaken or disoriented, unsure about what is right or wrong, intimidated and scared. This is not fear of others, but fear of OURSELVES.

To enter the Great Way, we have no other way than to continue the spiritual practice. Each step is a new lesson for us, and for the benefits of the people around us. Whatever we can see is whatever they will see. We do not have the right to stop, because when we stop, they will stop as well. We should live truly and devotedly in order to open a New Path, a New Era for the sentient beings. When we love others, we also love ourselves. We do not only learn for ourselves, but also learn for others, since others and we are ONE. We do not have the right to stop, since serving the Great Way is the righteous way. WE have to make an effort to live in the IMPERSONALITY.


Let's forget about ourselves to continue the path. The more difficult lesson with more challenges are the one that needs to be learned, trained, forged, to open the doors of the spiritual world; while all spiritual worlds inhabit in the MIND.

With the Mind more open, more purified, we will not only know about the Knowledge of immeasurable past existences, but also the Knowledge of multiple future existences. All previous existences and forthcoming existences reside in the miraculous providential mechanism of the macro universe.

We will know clearly who we were, where we came from, what we are here for, and when we will return.

When we know who we are, we will have the right to decide on everything of this existence, as we already have the roadmap in hand to work. We shall be self-confident and self-determined to build the Common Home for Humanity of the Universal Concord and Oneness.
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