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December 14, 1992


How can I make myself not be afraid to discover my Real life? My inner-life, inner-world, my spiritual and inspirational world where I discover the unseen, unfelt, unable to reach by my superficial mind?

How can I not be disconnected from it in an unreal-real world of human beings, so I can be at it all the time and the same time with the mundane world, without being unbalanced so it will not create turmoil?

Do I have to die completely from my unreal-real world so I can live in my inner world? Do I have to die in my mundane world so I can be at peace in my knowledgeable world, the world that I definitely want to be in?


To be balanced in daily life with knowledge is to use the inner ears, inner eyes, and inner mind at the same time with the conditioned ears, eyes, and mind.

You have to know when and how to use them and apply what you have heard, seen, thought in the past. You have to hear, look, and think in two levels at the same time and you will receive and react differently.

The balance of the self or being well controlled in two worlds gives you the capacity to have the choice to act or react at the right time and right place. Otherwise, you can act and react in the wrong world and this mistake brings chaos into your life.


The Supreme Being can only help humankind when he recognizes, first, his mission, and second, the world where he has been sent. He should know, be beyond, and use his power-mind to help this world. He can only have mind-power by being connected with the power of God, the Sender.

To be afraid is to be disconnected from God, from the Power-Sender, who solely can create, control, change that power and can destroy it (this world).

To prevent the lower world from destruction, God has to gather his power by sending his light to the world to work for such gathering.

The Supreme Being who carries his light should have strength to connect and control at all times. To get that ability, he should have a peaceful mind, be balanced, self-centered so he will not be triggered by conditioned programs of the past in his mundane lives.

To be able to keep him from being affected by the past, the present of his environments including culture, society, race, religion, language, tradition, etc. He should have the Power-mind to create his future.

When affected by the conditioned programs he is disconnected from his center, such events create fear that will give him illusions. Illusions caused by fear will cause him all incidents that he does not want to happen, he will attract people that he does not want to meet, so is the DANGER.

To be connected with God, the Power-Sender, is being with God at all time, being full power on the mind, well connected to the self, and being free from DANGER.

Being still in the mind is being unaffected by all data of meta-programs those were stored for knowledge and understanding. We use that data for information only and should not be affected or create illusions.

Without being controlled by his own meta-programs from the past, the Controller, the Peace Maker can use his vision to create future.


To be able to create future for the world, The Peace Maker has to be able to create his future first.Only his constant connection with the Power-Sender, with God, can give him the ability of SEEING.


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