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The full moon of the First month

February 5, 1993


From now on, I no longer meet the challenges, as I have known and recognized during this time of seclusion. I have reached the point of ceasing all sentiments and feelings naturally, without effort, constraint, or avoidance. Everything will be under my control.

All the tasks come from the plan and guidance of the High-above, by means of receiving currents of energy, in order to fulfill the task laid in front of me by the High-above. Although I recognize this, I still should be patient and painstakingly take difficult and unpleasant tasks.

This is the way of fulfilling religious duties. We should do both pleasant and unpleasant tasks. We should do both high and low tasks. Sometimes we have to endure humiliation, even to lower ourselves if necessary. Thus, we can understand more clearly the teachings of The Master:

“I accept to suffer in the people's place.”

However, adversity comes from us. We take it as adversity because we do not like it. We still compare good and bad, high and low, and think of us as higher than others.

Do subdue the haughty ego, subdue the preference, subdue all barriers among others and us, subdue all external obstacles, then, any situation shall be our haven of serenity and complacency.


I will have all wonderful moments regardless of time and space, circumstances and people around us.

If my mind is still agitated by external conditions and people around me, I could not be stable to face them. Unable to stabilize the mind and concentrate the thoughts, I would not master myself and the external conditions and people around me. 

The corporeality exists in the lower sphere, whilst the divine spirit is in the higher sphere, which is always illuminated and tranquil. There, the current of energy and the breath would not be in disorder; the body temperature will not change. The mind will be calm and unconfused.

I should understand the outside conditions and people, but I am also the one who masters these outside conditions and people.

This should not cause concern, as ability shall be obtained gradually with spiritual practice. I do not need to strive too hard or too stiffly, as levels of spiritual practice are going forward, not backward. The High-above constantly protects and assists religious practitioners in every step. The study and research are partly my efforts, but always supported by constant guidance and assistance of the High-above, through currents of energy of the divine sages. As I do not know my actual level of pratice, I shall constantly strive to study, self-efface, and step forward.

My persistent devotion, and worship of divinities help me to wake up and self-realize, shorten the process of spiritual practice.

Frequent self-awakening is also self-protecting; to know what to do and not to do, when to continue and when to stop. In addition, which work is for me and which work is for the common need of the nation and the Dharma?

The awakening in each ksana also helps me to avoid being enticed by my own ego. It helps me to stop on time, stabilize the mind to know myself, my roles, my tasks, and how to process them. Knowing them well, I shall neither disappoint nor expect. I shall not create the situation for my need, but it should be flexible for the need of the GREAT WORK.

The High-above will not abandon those who sacrifice for the GREAT WORK. Happiness and enjoyment come from our mind, not from the external conditions and people.

Eternal happiness resides only in those with the level of INDIVISIBILITY or NON-DUALITY.



The full moon of the First month

February 5, 1993

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