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August 12, 1989


Do you always have to satisfy your desire or to go against it sometimes? How to go with it without creating problems, and how to go against it without creating chaos?

The important factor is not to go with it or against it, but to be aware. To go with it is to know how much that desire is, and to go against it, is also to know at what level that desire is and also to know what inner conflict that desire can cause and in what way it will cause.

The awareness in each desire helps you to know yourself in the relationship with that desire. When you know the action and reaction created by that desire, then you are handling that desire with control. The control of yourself in the relation with each desire in your life will give you the power in making decisions, creating your own world, and not falling into the abyss, because your inner self  knows when you can be at the bottom of the abyss and when you can be at the top of the mountain.


Life is beautiful if you know how to live.

How to live is to be aware of what decision that you should make. To be aware of life is just like having a clear roadmap of your life. Which way you have to go, when to stay and how to handle people in each situation, to be aware and keep out of desperation, depression, craving, anger, and grief. To be aware gives you a peace of mind and whenever you reach your inner peace; you will get health, because you and your body will be in harmony with nature.

People's minds have too many conflicts that create chaos and disasters in nature. Whenever their minds are at peace, the energy, the life force can flow freely to create peaceful, beautiful, and abundant life for men and nature.

This will be the end of natural disaster and human illness.

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