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December 5, 1992


Not only the students need to learn and to practice, but the Master also needs to do so.

In order to run his own show, his own play, he has to be well prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally. He has to be very patient and wait for the right time depending on the coordination between men and their environment.


A CLEVER KNOWER is someone who foresees with patience. Without patience, his vision can cause chaos for his life because what he says and acts ahead of time may bring problems. What he foresees is for the future, not for the time he has such vision. His vision will be changed if he shares it with others, as their thinking and acting accordingly will affect the happenings.

His vision causes chaos in their mind and it will be difficult for him to teach them. They will not listen to his teachings with understanding; they only follow him with fear and blindness.

It is hard "to know,” and equally as hard "to keep from telling" the vision.

It is easy to be the students, but it is difficult to be the Master who knows how to teach, to make them see.

Right teaching is making the students "see" and "wake up.” To do so the Master has to use his knowledge to understand each student and teach each of them with a different method depending on their level of education, their culture, belief, etc.

To run the show, the play, the Master should know the character of each actor, both in his real life and in the show; otherwise the performance will be failed because he uses the wrong person. He also has to know the reason to run the show.

The Knower always needs patience. In order to be patient and not having that feeling, he has to enjoy every moment of his life and has to go beyond time and space.


The REAL MASTER might act as the STUPID so he can live with his fellow-beings without causing trouble. He does not have to tell, to prove what he sees ahead of time. He can only share knowledge but not VISION.

To have vision, the Master's body and mind should be integrated with the cosmic energy and have the ability to reach the speed of light.

VISION helps him to know where to go, to have confidence, faith and to reinforce his strong will.

The SEEING, the KNOWLEDGE will know and meet each other and they will help each other for the whole plan, GOD'S PLAN.
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