88- The universal concord love

18 Tháng Mười Hai 200812:00 SA(Xem: 19917)
88- The universal concord love

December 18, 1994


Why when universal concord love develops in multiplication, personal or familial love tends to diminish gradually?

Personal feelings are strong only when men are still selfish, they want to keep people or things that they love to their ownership. Thus, too much love only brings as much suffering.

When ego, selfishness diminishes and vanishes, universal concord love increases mightily, so does true happiness, because the fear of loss no longer threatens and disturbs our mind.

One of the greatest sources of human suffering is the fear of loss. This is one end of the string of worldly sufferings.

Therefore, people should move from possession to non-possession. If you disengage yourself form one possession just to attach yourself into another possession, this is likely self-releasing from one chain just for self-binding into another chain.

To deliver from sufferings, we should face, confront ourselves with loss. One of the greatest losses is death. This is the ultimate loss, beyond all losses of people or things in our possession.

Ordinary love suffers because it goes hand in hand with loss. Universal concord love has never been lost before, and will never be lost after, because it does not have its possessive nature.

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