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August 12, 1989, 9:00 am


What should you do when you have a desire? Should you satisfy your desire or should you channel it in a different way? Does channeling mean run away and have fear? If you fill yourself up with that desire, will it become bigger or stronger? Which way should we go to be free from that desire? How do you make the decision to feed yourself or to let it go, to control or channel it?

The only way is to know how your body and mind function and to know how to handle it. The miracle is not to live beyond the senses but to know and feel them in a deep level of knowledge. To know them perfectly is at the same time to control them with awareness. You cannot live in the freedom of the mind and body without being constantly aware.

To be aware is to stay deeply at the end of the tunnel and the end of the darkness, and look out from that tunnel and see the light at the other side of the tunnel. To be aware is to be in the abyss and at the same time at the top of the hill. To be aware is not to be all the time at the top of the hill or the aperture of the long and dark tunnel. To be aware is not to live at high level but to be at any level. To be aware is not only to do good things but also to know how to do different things. To be aware is not to go in one direction, but also in different directions.

To live in awareness way is to live in wholeness, with full senses of the human body and mind.


You cannot see the Miracle of Life without Awareness.

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