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November 30, 1992


The Real Master is lonely. In order to be the Master of himself and others, he has to run his own show, without letting the Law of Nature do it for him.

The Law of Nature is only for the unenlightened people.


To be the Real Master, he needs all his strength, knowledge, and clairvoyance. He should make all the decisions, and should not depend on his intuition. He has to become his own INTUITION.

Intuition is only for people who search for help, for guidance, who need to look up to the Master for the permission to do something.

It is also for the ones who do not know, but not for the KNOWER.

A Master can make himself happy or unhappy, loved or hated, and has the ability to love or hate. He has his identity, and sometimes does not. His being is for the world and he should be beyond language, but he has to use it to communicate.

To be the Master is not his own choice and willingness. It is not for what he has been searching for, but it is his role and he cannot deny it. IT IS HIS MISSION.

When it is time to start the play, he will not act alone, but with all other actors who have been prepared for the SHOW.

The Master should teach his students for their own benefits, but not for his. He should love them enough for not USING THEM, even though he can control their minds and actions.

To teach students and lead them toward liberation and enlightenment, the Master should be beyond love and hate, sentiment and emotion, which served him for knowing, but not affecting his mind.

Sentiment and emotion are the collective programs, which help him to feel and understand his students. In another way, he should be super-sensitive to receive all the movements of thoughts, all the frequencies around him so he would be able to control his mundane life.

To control his worldly life does not mean to use games or reasoning.


The Real Master controls the world with LOVE and KNOWLEDGE, when the GREEDY MASTER uses his students as his tools to achieve his ambition.

The Real Master uses real love to lead his students toward liberation, deliverance for the benefits of all human beings, so they can contribute to peace and happiness of the GLOBE.

The Real Master should step forward in his learning process without FEAR and RESISTANCE. He has to learn from teaching the individual to the group, and later on, the mass.

He cannot control the mass without being able to control the group, and cannot lead or awaken them, without knowing them completely.

Only KNOWLEDGE gives the Master the ability to have self-control, a still mind and strength to sublimate from human emotions and sentiments.

The Real Master is someone who dies in his Real Life.



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