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June 14, 1989


In order to heal yourself and prevent sickness, you have to neutralize things that happened in the past, things that are happening in the present, and will happen in the future. To neutralize, is to look at things whether in the past, present, or future without discrimination and subjectivity. It also means that all information related to these things is in a non-effective way.

The information helps you to realize that you are related to the world and are living in your everyday life. It is impossible to be happy with a non-balanced mind and body. Moreover, there is no other way to have a balanced body and mind if you do not have a neutral spirit or an one-pointed mind.

Things that happen in life are not good or bad until people assess personal judgments over them. Things that people think as good can bring bad endings, and vice versa. Things happen in a circle; they are all related to each other; and the more negatively you receive them, the more negativity they will create.

Too much positive energy or negative energy creates sufferings.  Where there is happiness there are sufferings, and vice versa.

Only a peaceful mind brings a peaceful body and peaceful life.

That is the eternal endlessness.

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