124- Let's live our own life

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124- Let's live our own life

March 3, 2003, 4:00 am


How could I live with joy, anger, love, and hatred, but simultaneously overcome all these feelings, and not to succumb and develop them into mundane habits of human charater?

How could I end a habit?

How could I prevent a new habit from taking place?

How could I avoid delusion? Does the delusion create fear? Does delusion create a habit? Is delusion derivative from craving desire?

How could I have desire but non-desire? Does desire come from corporeality, delusion, or imagination?

Does delusion create actions? On the other hand, does desire create actions?

Does desire create delusion and imagination, then through the process of six consciousnesses and a collection of learning by education, religion, race, nature, culture, tradition, and eventually come to actions?

Therefore, do those actions – as a result from the background of the past - deliberately come from a person, or are they just the outcome of the formation of his body and mind?


Could it be that every action or speech of a person is controlled by a mechanism outside of himself/herself because he or she might be a witness if he/she attains awakening, enlightenment; therefore that person may know and have control when he makes a decision by himself, and when he would allow the human mechanism to make a decision for him.


The human mechanism is affected by its formation process and human mechanisms which surround it. However, the awakener, the master, the “wakeful ego” would not be affected, if only that “illuminated wakeful ego” always keeps itself in the state of “awakening,” of “self-remembering,” of “I know who I am.”


The “wakeful ego”, the “I know who I am” should be strengthened by a constantly stable mind, and do not allow the conscious mind being drawn into the everyday life among other human mechanisms.


To be stable and strong, that “I know who I am” should inhabit in the “inner sound” to listen to the supersonic waves that perpetually exist in the state of a stable mind. The inner sound will help me to remember that I am living in harmony with the universe, and I am oneness with the universe. When I listen to the inner sound, the sound of the universe always exists. I live in the same breathing pace with the universe, in the same rhythmical pace with the universe.


I always live in the state of using the third ear to go by the same cadence with the universe, my breath is even; all my eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind-base are all concentrated into the state of complacency and peace; six consciousnesses are released from the human mechanism's control. At this moment, the awakened ego is present and completely masters the entire self.


Self-confidence and wisdom are strengthened together with the ability to master the human mechanism, without letting it create from the interlinks of the worldly learning process.


When I am totally in self-control, I shall deliberately decide when to act after myself, and when to allow the human mechanism to act after itself accordingly to the times, circumstances, and situations that I am living.


When I know that I am myself, and when I need to coordinate with the human mechanism, I shall no longer be in contradiction with myself. Since I have the right to decide on the human mechanism, I shall no longer vacillate between duality and non-duality, but constantly stay in non-duality. Furthermore, I shall control the human mechanism whenever is necessary, so that it can live in harmony with people of the duality world, and is not disturbed by the everyday life.


The spiritual practice of a human being is to remember who he is. Once he remembers who he is, he would be able to decide about what he should do and should not do. If not, he would always act, talk, and think through some sort of control by of a “being outside ” him. Those who do not practice will always be in a deep sleep, and let the “being outside” him to live instead. They live like they are already dead, but always think that the robots are themselves.


I should be in wakefulness to live, and live fully my own life.


5:30 am, Sunday morning, March 3, 2003

The commemoration of The Prophet's departure

Will be celebrated at 10:00 am at the Meeting Center

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