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September 19, 1991


Living in self-confidence and self-control would not cause fear - fear of ourselves and of others. Besides, there is no fear of external conditions or situations.

Self-control does not involve suppression; since we control six consciousness, and do not let six consciousness control us. We direct six consciousness, and do not let six consciousness direct us.

Self-determination helps us to gradually develop our spirituality in a positive way. All feelings and sensations are there to help us perceive but do not instigate or draw us into unclear trails.

We shall be in control of any situation. Our spirituality shall be sharp and immovable; it would not be affected by all changes and disturbances of our body and soul.

Sharpness keeps Mindfulness active and dynamic, and always in the Knowing, instead of being submissively changed and transformed.

All spiritual initiations will be in harmony with the human body, so that they can work together and achieve predestined works.

From now on, the divine apparatus will swivel and transform as fast as a tornado, our corporeality and spirituality should change accordingly to be in harmony with all opportunities, all points in time, and the providence.

We will know the changes in the mind of others, but they will not know about ours. This is the Buddha’s Nature. The Buddha Nature is not like the human nature, since it has all functions and states of a human being but does not use them as a human being.

Buddha’s Nature should reside in a human body to coordinate with human beings. Buddha Nature’s does not keep anything private, but serves the common cause. All actions aim to serve humanity.

To have Buddha’s Nature, we should be brave to terminate our mundane nature, our selfishness, avidity, and craving.

Buddha’s Nature and self-control will help us to overcome all difficulties and dangers. Major dangers in life are selfishness and fear. When we can overcome selfishness and fear, we are able to live simultaneously in this life and out of this life. In this life, we have our family and society, and people around; out of this life, we have a prolific spiritual life that is independent from this mundane material life and human body.

When someone could live outside the mundane life and human body, all happiness, suffering, love and hate will become one state.

We live but do not live; we die but do not die. We start an eternal life independently from our body. Our body is changing, whilst we do not change.


I have been serving mankind through many human lives, therefore, I know them, but they cannot know me. In each human body, in each period that I have come to this earth for practical connection, to be with men in places and times where I have had my consecutive presences.

I have had to constantly learn so that I can recognize people as I recognize myself. I must know who I am, what my mission is on this earth.


Can I overcome all difficulties and dangers? Am I ready to sacrifice my personal happiness? Am I brave enough to exchange happiness for suffering so that I would be able to realize my dream and mission? Am I capable to overcome physical and spiritual pains to work until accomplishment of my vows?


Self-questioning is self-answering. This is the Buddha’s Nature. It knows the works we do and the results of all works. We know all people around us, but are still humble, unpretentious. This is the unknown knowing.

The unknown knowing has the capability of multiple-transformation, it can turn upside down all moves of the game, convert opportunities and even the providence.

Man, Heaven and Earth collaborate and be in harmony with each other; they have equal force and power. Inside Man abides Heaven and Earth; inside Heaven abides Man and Earth; inside Earth abides Man and Heaven. They are three but only one.

Once we step into the non-corporeal world, there is only ONE to realize all mundane needs.

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